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Putting our award winning tyres to the test

Mercedes-Benz World

We are proud to be a 'Partner in Excellence' at Mercedes-Benz World

Since 2012, we have operated as ‘Partners in Excellence’ with Mercedes-Benz World, delivering ultimate grip to all track experiences for visitors. 

As a leading international tyre manufacturer and automotive technology expert, we supply high performance tyres for all Mercedes-Benz vehicles used in the driving experiences, both on the circuits and the challenging 4x4 off-road terrain. This partnership demonstrates how together our brands deliver the ultimate combination of high performance with a shared passion for safety.

Tyre technologies play a pivotal role at the facility, so it is vital both Mercedes-Benz drivers and guests are supported with the safest tyre choice. We work closely with the facility and team, supporting guests in understanding the pivotal role tyres play as the only contact point with the road.

Throughout the facility you will find interactive displays, highlighting our expertise in supporting Mercedes-Benz with more than just tyres, such as the automotive systems we have developed. As a free-to-visit facility, Mercedes-Benz World offers something for everyone, with our tyres at the heart of the experience throughout the year.

Our commitment to road safety

As part of our commitment to road safety, we offer free driving demonstrations throughout the year. Highlighting our exceptional Summer and AllSeason tyre ranges which continues to be a key part of our presence on site, with over 3,000 free experiences offered so far. 

Our results speak for themselves

 “Jack was really good, very informative and friendly
 “Brilliant tyres, might now buy them”
 “Paul explained everything fantastically – I’m seriously considering getting All Season tyres now”
“Fun and informative, thank you”
“Very informative, didn’t realise the importance of good tyres”
All Season Demos

After their driving experience, 100% of participants would now consider using AllSeason tyres on their vehicle

Continental all-season tyres blend the technologies of summer and winter tyres into all-season tyres that give superb performance in all but the most extreme weather conditions. Read on to learn what makes all-season tyres different from winter and summer tyres and find out if they are right for you and your motoring needs.



Want to test our tyres out for yourself?

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