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Why choose our material handling tyres

150 years of experience and worldwide production capability make us one of the world's leading tyre manufacturers. In order to offer our customers the best solutions for all their individual needs, we are constantly developing our comprehensive product ranges across the following sectors: solid tyres, industrial pneumatic tyres and off-the-road (OTR) tyres. 

We are constantly developing our product range in order to be able to offer the best solutions for your individual needs from a single source.

- Julian Alexander, Product Line Manager Material Handling at Continental Commercial Specialty Tyres



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Whether in harbour or port applications, in industry or the logistics sector - the requirements could not be more different. Speed, distance, weight, temperature, humidity, surface conditions and many other factors vary according to the operation, these factors make your business individual.

We have responded to these conditions and have adapted our products to your unique set of requirements. Our comprehensive product range has evolved from this. We not only offer you a solution to meet your every requirement, but also adapt effectively to every challenge.  





Our solid tyres

Thanks to more than 50 years of experience, one field in which we have particular expertise is the solid tyre segment. Many ideas originating from our development division have revolutionised the market.

Shorter cycle times and increased cost pressures, coupled with new environmental and safety regulations - conditions are becoming more complex year upon year. Using a selection of high-quality raw materials and a complex finishing process, our solid tyres have been developed as a response to these.

Our range of solid tyres offer superior mileage, are outstandingly robust and extremely energy efficient.





Our off-the-road (OTR) pneumatic tyres

We have decades of experience in producing tyres that are efficient, speedy, sustainable, long lasting and reliable.

Depending on the type of task you vehicles fulfil there are visible trends towards specific tyre construction. Our experienced team of sales representatives, as well as our technical customer service are available to consult you on the right tyre choice for your specific application. 

Whether radial, V.ply or solid we offer a complete range of tyres, delivering exactly the right construction for every application.





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Port Brochure

Port Brochure

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Solid Tyres Brochure

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Pneumatic Tyres Brochure

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Airport Brochure English

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