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Why choose our Earthmover tyres

Our earthmover tyre ranges are specifically designed for application in the very harsh conditions of quarries and construction sites as well as surface and underground mines. Like all our tyres, these are manufactured and field tested to meet the highest level of performance, safety and durability for every application, even in the most severe of conditions.

All our radial earthmover tyres are equipped with our intelligent tyre sensor that provides you with data in real time to ensure optimal tyre pressure and temperature, leading to improved fuel consumption and minimised risk of tyre failure.







ContiEarth™ - Aggregates & Construction Solutions



The tyres were specifically designed for the extreme conditions our customers are facing in the earthmoving sector.

- Reinhard Klant, Product Line Manager Earthmover tyres at Continental



ContiMine™ - Underground Mining



Digital Tyre Monitoring

ContiConnect™ Live is our cloud based, real time fleet monitoring solution which allows fleet managers in the quarrying, construction and mining sectors to monitor tyres, anytime, anywhere, on any internet connected device, even whilst OTR vehicles are in operation.

Complementing both ContiPressureCheck™ and ContiConnect™ Yard, the digital tyre monitoring system collects data on tyre pressure and temperature, which is sent in real time to a cloud using a central telematics unit.

Telematic technology transmits the vehicle's location using GPS and records the operating hours of the tyres. Fleet managers have a quicker and more efficient overview of tyre condition regardless of vehicle location. By evaluating the information, the fleet benefits from reduced downtimes, lower maintenance costs and an extended operating time.




Most manufacturers are not offering a performance comparison challenge. We can, because our earthmover tyres are designed to make the difference when it comes to total cost of ownership.



More Information

EarthMoving Brochure

EarthMoving Brochure

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Digital Tyre Monitoring - Earthmoving

Digital Tyre Monitoring - Earthmoving

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Technical Databook - OTR

Technical Databook - OTR

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