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Continental's all-season tyres: test results and ratings

Fast facts

Key thing you need to know about Continental's all-season tyre test results

  • Continental all-season tyres offer great performance all year round in moderate climates
  • All Continental innovations have to pass an intense testing regimen before going into production
  • Our all-season tyres have received several awards for their performance 

At Continental, we could talk all day about the quality of our all-season tyres. But you don’t need to take our word for it! Tyre reviews and impartial tests affirm the performance and reliability of our all-season tyres. If you live in a moderate climate and are on the hunt for all-season tyres for your car, RV, van or SUV, take a look at how.

Why are all-season tyres so versatile?

All-season tyres offer great performance all year round in moderate climates. Since Continental all-season tyres have been specially designed to offer impressive grip in both summer and winter conditions, and good braking performance on dry and wet roads, as well as slush, you can feel reassured when driving with our all-weather tyres. 

All-season tyre tests

At Continental, your safety is our top priority, and we take all possible aspects of safety and comfort into account when developing our tyres. All Continental’s innovations have to pass an intense testing regimen before going into production. Our engineers travel all over the world, from Germany to Sweden to the US, to ensure that each Continental tyre – whether winter tyre, summer tyre, all-season tyre, or those used in sport and off-road activities – is tested by our experts in a wide range of weather conditions and on all types of surface.

In fact, each new tyre has to complete hundreds of test miles on our main testing site, the Contidrom in Hannover Germany. Additionally, while we subject our tyres to more testing than any other brand, it’s important to us that our tyres also perform well in independent tests. And they do: tyres from Continental are regularly rated top performers in impartial tests. We have been voted the best tyre brand of the year several times by the German motorists’ association ADAC, as well as renowned magazines including AutoBild and AutoZeitung. These achievements make us proud because it means that motorists know they are in safe hands when they drive with Continental tyres.

However, when it comes to testing and rating all-season tyres, it's difficult to tick all the boxes. These unique tyres need to combine features for literally all seasons to find a balance between winter and summer tyre technology, as well as ensuring superb traction, handling, braking performance, comfort and mileage.

Fortunately, Continental’s range of all-season tyres has garnered great reviews and ratings, with customers often recommending them to others. All of our all-season tyres feature robust sidewalls, excellent tread, an adaptable rubber compound and overall high performance in all but extreme weather conditions.

Best-rated Continental all-season tyres

One of our best-performing tyres according to external reviews is the Continental AllSeasonContact™ tyre. One of Germany’s leading automobile magazines, AutoBild, even honored our all-season tyre with its exemplary award in 2020. AutoBild also made special mention of the AllSeasonContact™ tyre, for demonstrating excellent snow traction that is better than some dedicated winter tyres.

Additionally, other tyre reviews have included the following comments:  

“Most drivers agreed that this tyre was excellent in the snow, ensured good steering precision, handling and grip in the wet, and it also demonstrated very good aquaplaning results and good wear.

“…these tyres performed very well in a variety of conditions, including snow/slush, heavy rain and dry conditions.”

“…these tyres had outstanding ride comfort, smoothness, traction and were quiet.”

The Continental VanContact™ 4Season tyre also received the recommendable award from Promobil magazine, Germany’s oldest and Europe’s largest camper van magazine. The magazine concluded the following results when it tested out our all-season tyres:

  • Very good traction, cornering and braking on snow
  • Easy control in the wet
  • Very good grip on dry corners
  • Great rolling resistance
  • Low road noise

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