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Tyre Awareness

Discover more from our series of tyre advice videos where we provide practical information and support on key truck tyre topics, from the writing on your tyres' sidewall, the safe fitting and management of wheels, to how to recognise tyre damage and promote good husbandry. We've got it covered.  


Wheel security and safety 

In the interests of road safety, strong wheel security practices are a crucial factor for commercial vehicle operators and technicians to consider, as part of a regular service routine. Despite the potential severity of its consequences, the procedure may be overlooked. Wheel security issues can arise for several reasons, such as excessive wheel torquing, insufficient or incorrect lubrication of nuts and studs, or vehicles operating with wheels beyond their service life.

Our wheel security video below offers a comprehensive guide to wheel security and safety to help operators and technicians better understand the topic.  Through our ContiAcademy training programme we are also able to offer bespoke courses on wheel security – in addition to a full suite of other educational opportunities. The courses are available to all fleet operators, whether current Continental customers or not, each serving to drive greater knowledge around tyre fitment.  If you are interested in any of our ContiAcademy courses, please visit our dedicated web page for further information.  

For further tyre awareness advice and support, download our quick reference guide

For further tyre awareness advice and support, download our quick reference guide

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