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TireTech App

The one source solution for your tyres.

The Continental TireTech App is more than just a tyre management solution. Access convenient features such as multiple language options, quick tyre size conversions, and accurate tyre pressure information. Whether you're managing the tyres of agricultural vehicles or trucks and buses, this app has you covered. The technical service staff are only a click away giving you confidence with any tyre related questions you might have. Whether you're a service partner or a vehicle owner or driver, the app's diverse capabilities make it the only tyre management resource you'll ever need.

Plenty of benefits at your fingertips.

  • Obtain comprehensive tyre technical data quickly and easily, 
  • Stay up-to-date on your data; the app can be used in offline mode without a data connection.
  • Benefit from multi-language capability.
  • Simplify tyre size conversions.
  • Get exact inflation pressure and regrooving data for specific service conditions.
  • Ensure optimised tyre service life.

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One App for multiple worlds

Taking your tyre management to the next level in just a matter of seconds. There is no complicated registration needed.  Our TireTech App is a technical advice tool for retailers, fleet managers, professional drivers and technicians which can be downloaded free of charge for iOS and Android.

The app provides quick and easy access to up-to-date tyre and service information for our full range of tyres for agricultural and commercial vehicles, including van and camper tyres, with content available in 20 languages. The tool is ready to use within seconds of installation, and can be configured to meet users' individual needs. It also provides access to a contact form so you can quickly reach our technical service team whenever needed.  A recent update now also includes the ability to use the app offline when network coverage isn't available.  

Find out more about agricultural and Truck & Bus tyres.


  • Ready-to-use within seconds.
  • Inflation pressure recommendation calculator.
  • Technical data for Agricultural, Truck, Bus and Van tyres.
  • Easy-to-understand data graphics.
  • Lead calculator for Agricultural tyres.
  • New! Tyre diagnostics for truck and bus tyres.
  • New! Winter regulations for truck and bus tyres.
  • New! Regrooving info for truck and bus tyres.
  • Contact form to reach our technical services.