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We care about tyres.

So you don’t have to.

We care

For more than 150 years we’ve been building tyres: small ones, thin ones, big ones, fast ones. We grant people trust, reliability and safety. This allows you to focus on the important things in your life - like being a parent, spending quality time with your friends and loved ones. 


We care about tyres. So you don’t have to.

We are trustworthy

…by doing the best we can day by day. That’s why we have always been about people. Each and every one of us takes on the responsibility to deliver the best and safest products.

We are striving for excellence

We pursue innovation, creating something outstanding according to the most demanding standards of them all: our own. 

We are passionate

For us tyres are not round rubber. They are endless possibilities. We’re obsessed about every little detail, every choice of material, every innovation that will make a big difference to you.

We are striving for safety

Safety is more than a word. It’s our mission. Every day we do everything we can to make our products more secure, so you can take the safe route to wherever you are going. 

We boost your confidence

With us you can feel confident. We give you certainty, so that you can go wherever life may take you – gearing yourself up for every challenge along the way. Because we take care of you. So you can rest assured and concentrate on what matters most. 

We guarantee you quality

Our tyres circle the world 5,000 times, every year, before they’re good enough for everyday life. With our tyres we provide safety, confidence and reassurance. Our tyres are German engineered and tested. We are going beyond tyres to help shape the future. 

Automotive expertise

From autonomous driving to e-mobility to sustainability, discover how Continental goes beyond tyres and helps shape the landscape for our future cars.

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German engineering

German engineers are famous for diligence, precision and efficiency, the same values that stand behind our past and present innovations.

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Car makers fit our tyres

With our original equipment you are part of the world's largest safety community.

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Tests and test results

Continental tyres regularly score top ratings in independent tests all over the world; confirmed quality for a safe driving experience in all conditions.

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Auto Express Awards

New content item

We are the first manufacturer to win summer, winter and all-season tyre tests in a single year from the UK's No1 selling weekly car magazine, Auto Express.

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Sustainability has been high on our agenda for some time. We're researching and developing the tyre of the future to achieve a more energy efficient and eco-friendly tyre.

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