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A couple arrived by car at the beach

You can’t control what happens along the way.

Unless you can.

The best driving experience possible, with the most advanced tyre technology available


Driving isn’t just about getting from A to B. It’s about getting there safely, comfortably, and enjoying every part of the journey. With our tyre technology, you don’t have to worry about being stranded or breaking down. You don’t even have to deal with unnecessary road noise. You just have to lean back, take the wheel and rely on your four tyres to get you to your destination.


A family car arrived at the beach with ContiSeal™ tyres

A tyre puncture means being stranded. Unless it doesn’t.

Nothing can deflate your holiday enthusiasm – if your tyres are equipped with our ContiSeal™. It seals 80% of punctures, so you can continue driving for a further 120 miles / 200km without a care.
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Tyre damage means missing their big moment. Unless it doesn’t.

Self supporting runflat tyres will keep you on the road for up to 50 miles / 80km, no matter which obstacles life throws in your way.
How can a damaged tyre support itself? 

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Kids sleeping in a car with ContiSilent™ tires

Road noise is the loudest part of a car journey. Unless it isn’t.

Happiness sounds like a lot of different things – road noise isn‘t one of them.  ContiSilent™ reduces the sound components of rolling noise perceived as particularly annoying inside your car by up to 9 dB(A) so you can enjoy the sound of silence.
Turn a noisy ride into a peaceful drive? 

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