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The tyre of the future is electrified and reliable

Will pumping air soon be a thing of the past?

It’s made up of thin air, a fleeting element, hard to grasp or contain. Nevertheless, the pressure inside your tyre can have a tangible impact on the handling of your car, the environment, the comfort of your ride, and even on your wallet! Tyre pressure will still matter in the future, but thanks to smart tyre technology, you won’t have to worry about it.

Smart tyre pressure technology:

  • boosts driving performance
  • reduces car maintenance costs
  • minimises maintenance time
  • optimises rolling resistance, comfort and efficiency

Find out how the tyre of the future adapts pressure automatically

Tyres are essential to car handling and safety – and the correct tyre pressure is what literally keeps things running smoothly. That’s not about to change fundamentally, even for the car of tomorrow. But how will air pressure be monitored in the future? Will we still be manually adding air to our tyres when vehicles are already electric and autonomous? The short answer: no. In the future, we will no longer have to pull in to a gas station (why bother, when the car no longer runs on gas?) to top up our tyre pressure. Instead, tyres that are just as smart as the autonomous, electrified car will monitor their own air pressure – and top it up as needed.

Why tyre pressure matters - even for the car of the future

extended life of a tyre

4,600 ml

improved fue economy on average


possible fuel savings max.


Tyre pressure of the future - Equally relevant, less hassle

Which propulsion technology will you be driving into the next era of automobility? Whether your dream car is electric, a hybrid or hydrogen-fueled, it will be rolling on air-filled tyres for the foreseeable future. Much like today’s tyres, they will perform best when filled with exactly the right amount of air. Unlike today’s tyres, however, you won’t have to manually add air when tyre pressure is low. The smart tyres of the future will monitor and adjust their tyre pressure automatically and autonomously.

The tyre of the future inflates itself

C.A.R.E Stands for

Continental C.A.R.E is a new tyre technology for the fast-approaching era of electric, connected and autonomous driving. For you, that simply means your tyres will care for themselves, so you don’t have to. Car owners and drivers will receive real-time notifications on tread depth, possible damage, and tyre temperature, while sensors continuously analyse data and immediately transmit information. 

  • Connected... a tyre that communicates vital information wirelessly to the car and its driver
  • Autonomous... a tyre that monitors and adapts its own air pressure automatically, as needed
  • Reliable... a tyre that keeps on rolling, under all conditions
  • Electrified... a tyre that uses its own, self-generated air and electricity to optimise driving performance

As for the air that keeps things rolling, Conti C.A.R.E goes the extra mile by not just monitoring but also automatically adjusting tyre pressure. As the vehicle accelerates, the centrifugal forces within the wheel act on the pump to generate compressed air. PressureProof technology keeps the tyre pressure constantly within the ideal range, making monthly tyre checks unnecessary and providing extra safety by removing human error from the equation. Excess compressed air is stored in an integrated tank that PressureBoost technology then uses to rapidly adapt the tyre pressure to various driving situations, optimising rolling resistance and lowering energy consumption and emissions. With this tyre, pumping air really will be a thing of the past.

How will you roll into the future?

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