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The Odyssey 21

Odyssey 21 during a test

Extreme races in extreme conditions mean that extreme vehicles are needed. For Extreme E, all participants will drive an all electric SUV and use the same set of standardised equipment.

Extreme E’s all electric SUV, called Odyssey 21, was revealed for the first time at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2019. At the reveal, our tyres engineered for the extreme were launched and our Extreme E test driver Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky had the chance to drive the Odyssey 21 on the world famous hill climb at Goodwood.

Witness the unveiling of the Extreme E SUV and its unique Continental tyres at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

It's a beast!

Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky at the car reveal, Goodwood Festival 2019

Impressive car - Impressive data

Odyssey icon 04

Kw max. power. That means 544hp

Greenland icon 03

Seconds. Acceleration from 0 to 100 kmh

Greenland icon 02

Kmh. Max. speed

We do not want to withhold the impressive data of the car, which has been developed for extreme conditions:

  • Max. Torque 920 nm
  • Overall length 4.401 m
  • Overall width 2.3 m
  • Overall height 1.846 m
  • Front/Rear track 1.998 m
  • Ride Height 0.450 m
  • Wheelbase 3.001 m
  • Weight of 1.650 kg
  • Equipped with Continental tyres with a height of 940 mm

The Odyssey 21

Building and all electric SUV for extreme conditions

Just like a traditional race series, Spark Racing Technology designs and constructs a common framework with stringent specification parts. They then hand over the approved chassis to each team, who are then free to test and build a custom powertrain and bodywork on this platform.

The areas eligible for individual team development are the motor, inverter and select parts of the exterior bodywork (e.g. the engine cover, side skirt, lights, front and rear bumpers).

The batteries will be compatible with Formula E-specification motors and produce a maximum power output of 470 kW (equivalent to approx. 630 bhp). But this new battery is specially customised for the rigours of off-road racing, made to withstand extreme environments, road conditions and terrains.

Tyre Technology for the extreme

We provide tailor-made tyres and tyre technology for the partnership with Extreme E. A task force of engineers and product managers are consistently working on testing and optimising the tyres for Odyssey 21. Our tyres will deliver the necessary grip to the different extreme surfaces – the coasts of Senegal, the deserts of Saudi Arabia and Namibia, the arctic landscape of Greenland and the tropical Amazon rainforest.

CrossContact Extreme E tire

But we contribute more than tyres: Our ContiConnect™ technology enables racing drivers and teams to monitor their tyre data in real-time. The system measures tyre information like tyre pressure and temperature via sensors in the tyres and transfers it in real-time to the team and driver. This enables the team to make adjustments and change their race strategy if necessary.

Our ContiConnectTM technology enables racing drivers and teams to monitor their tire data in real-time.

Car figures explained by Mikaela

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Extreme e car vs. Normal race car

All the differences between the electrically powered Extreme E car and a normal race car.

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