Technical Details

You can keep cool when the roads become ice cold.

When snow falls and covers icy streets, you can be sure that our new Triple Sipe Concept will provide reliable control and a minimised braking distance, so that you can simply enjoy your winter ride.

You can trust what’s underneath when you don’t know what comes from above.

Since winter isn’t always white and beautiful, but often wet and slushy, we developed the Cool Chili™ Compound to optimise wet braking. With the help of our Hydro Grooves you can even master aquaplaning. So, when it’s raining cats and dogs, just enjoy a comfortable ride.

You can cover the longest distance with the lowest fuel consumption.

When your winter journey takes longer and longer, this tyre lasts longer. The compound with its Performance Resins and a Flexible Polymer Matrix provides extra-high mileage and extra-low fuel consumption. So, wherever you go: enjoy the good feeling of ‘no distance too far’.


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