Technical Details

All-year efficiency due to reduced fuel consumption.

The innovative tread compound with the new generation of silica efficiently reduces the fuel consumption through low rolling resistance, making the tyre a profitable investment for the future.

High braking performance on wet, muddy and snowy roads.

The high number of sipes maximises the edge length in order to interlock with wet roads and thus improves wet braking performance. Additionally, the V-shaped drainage and wide lateral grooves successfully work against aquaplaning.

Especially in wintry conditions, an increased sipe edge length provides outstanding braking performance. Combined with the step in shoulder groove, the VanContact™ 4Season ensures excellent grip and handling on snowy roads.

Excellent handling and braking on dry roads.

The VanContact™ 4Season is a solid companion with improved performance when it comes to short braking, handling and stability on dry roads.

Test results


The German magazine promobil has published in issue 10/2020 the All Season Tire Test 2020. The test size was 225/70 R15C 116/114 R, carried out on an Fiat Ducato.

The test was conducted by promobil at the following proving grounds: Snow testing Ulrichen/Switzerland, Wet and dry testing Contidrom/Germany.

Rating for the VanContact™ 4Season: Test Winner

About our VanContact™ 4Season:

+ Very good traction, cornering and braking on snow

+ Easy controllable in the wet

+ Very good grip in dry corners

+ Kindly quiet

+ Best in Rolling Resistance

-  Few grip in dry braking


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