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Stamp Out Soil Compaction

Stamp Out Soil Compaction

We are working with several other leading agri businesses to raise awareness of soil compaction caused by heavy machinery and to highlight the simple measures that can reduce the problem. Our ‘stamp out soil compaction’ campaign has been launched to demonstrate how the right choice of tyres and maintaining tyre pressures can help to minimise soil compaction.

We have also developed a mobile app to help operators choose the correct pressure for any given load.

Stamp Out Soil Compaction


Continental Agricultural Tyres - Movie

Every one of our farm tyres is designed to help you work more efficiently. Our research and development teams in Germany and Portugal have developed new technology to make our tractor, combine, sprayer and loader tyres better for your everyday farm tasks. We understand farming and have a network of dedicated agricultural tyre specialists who can help you choose the right tyres for your machine.

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Find the right tyre

Find the right tyre

Our dedicated team of engineers has channelled many years of experience to develop tyres that you can depend on. Through muddy fields, rocky lanes, in driving rain and baking sunshine, it is important to have tyres you can depend on. We are fully committed to producing new tyres that are more durable, more efficient, less damaging to crops, and give you a more comfortable ride.

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Up to 10 years Warranty Extension

Up to 10 Year Warranty

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and production techniques enable us to have confidence in the quality of our tyres. We want you to feel that assurance too. That is why we offer an up to 10-year extended warranty on all our agricultural tyres:

  • Basic Coverage - up to 10 years
  • Stubble Damage Coverage - up to 3 years
  • Field Hazard Coverage - up to 2 years
Warranty extension

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Our tyres are being tested to the limit by farmers all over the world. Whether ploughing or silage making it is important to trust the only part of your vehicle that touches the ground. Read about how these farmers have benefited from choosing our tyres for their farm machinery.

What our customers say

Our Tyre Technologies

Our Tyre Technologies

Our tyres have been developed using new production methods and technology to offer you:

  • More grip
  • Enhanced fuel economy
  • The capacity to transfer torque more efficiently

Attention to detail, investment and innovation has created tyres you can trust to perform efficiently in every farm task. Our single bead filament coupled with our flexible N.flex carcass and VF technology ensures a more flexible tyre that can be run at a lower pressure, thus helping to reduce soil compaction. This stronger bead also ensures the tyre will grip the rim even at very low pressures. Our d.fine technology lug design offers excellent traction and a larger surface area to maximise mileage, whilst also enhancing the self-cleaning properties of the tyre to give you better grip when it matters

Our tyre technologies

We are here to help you select the right tyres for your machine. The technology in our tyres has been proven to be more effective for farming and we are here to show you why. Contact one of dealerships or a representative today to find out more.

Richard Hutchins, Sales Manager - Agriculture

Our History with Agriculture


From Europe's first pneumatic agricultural tyre in 1928 to intelligent tyres with factory fitted pressure and temperature sensors. From our trend setting T-series tyre to our award winning TractorMaster. For 150 years we have developed innovative, safe and sustainable products for our customers – and we have no intention of stopping now. Even as we pause to review our history, we already have an eye on pastures new and the road ahead.

Our history

NFU Partner Offer


We are offering NFU Farmer and Grower members discounts on the full range of our agricultural tyres manufactured since 1st August 2017 with existing production code and 'Engineered for Efficiency' logo.

Members will receive a £50 discount on purchases of two Continental agricultural tyres and £100 when purchasing four.

Partner offer

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