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Claim up to £60

Earn up to £60 cashback when you purchase 2 or more Continental car, van or 4x4 tyres*



Experience the award-winning performance and safety of Continental tyres. 

Get up to £60 cashback when you purchase 4 Continental car, van, or 4x4 tyres 19 inches & above.

Claim up to:

£10 cashback on 2 or £20 cashback on 4 Continental tyres 17" & below in a single transaction.

£20 cashback on 2 or £40 cashback on 4 Continental tyres 18" in a single transaction.

£30 cashback on 2 or £60 cashback on 4 Continental tyres 19" & above in a single transaction.

How to claim:

1.     Visit our rewards portal:

2.     Start your claim (Average submission time is 4–5 minutes).

3.     Please enter the required information in the fields provided.

4.     Upload the invoice using the "Add another item" button.

5.     After your submission, your claim status will be sent to your email address, and payment will be sent via a BACS transfer.

*Please find the full Terms and Conditions here.

**Please find the full list of participating retailers here