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Shared Resource




Shared Resource is our consultative training programme that aims to develop the tyre business within the car dealer channel. It is part of an international programme that capitalises on the experience gained in many different countries to provide market leading training and consulting to help Car dealers realise their potential in retailing tyres.


  • Increase your tyre sales
  • Increase your customer retention
  • Increase your tyre retailing competence
  • Increase your red work conversion
  • Optimise you tyre stock holding


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Our team are here to help

Our experienced team are here to guide you through the process of selling tyres in today’s competitive market place. At first, we will help identify a 'Tyre Champion' in your business and then will support you to analyse your data to highlight your tyre potential. We will talk to your staff to understand your requirements and then train them to help them become tyre experts, ensuring they give the best possible advice and recommendations to your customers. Tyres are a great way of ensuring regular contact with your customers and improving retention.


The Continental Shared Resource Programme is an integral part of our tyre programme within the Group. I would highly recommend the programme for the knowledge and confidence it brings to our team, that they pass on to our customers when talking about tyres.
Phil Hedley, Vindis Group Quality Manager

Our collaborative approach ensures we tailor our approach to suit your business. Interested to find out more? Simply fill out the form below and one of our Shared Resource Consultants will be in touch.

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