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A review of Extreme E 2021

We look back at Extreme E's first season 

Ocean Xprix. Lac Rose, Senegal

All great stories start with a ‘Once upon a time‘ and a belief that we can help change the world for the better. And our story is no different. 

In 2021, we started something new, something important, something exciting. And once we started, we did not look back, until now. Last year we created the first sporting series focused on environmental and social justice. Nine teams of 18 drivers, nine men and nine women, raced across the world in five vastly different biomes. With each race the drivers faced new, natural obstacles that were specific to the environment of that country. This further highlighted the damage created by climate change and the need to take action. Finally, after each race, a legacy program was created to help affected areas combat and mitigate the damage already done to their environment.

An interview with Alejandro Agag, CEO and Founder of Extreme E 

Extreme E 2021 in numbers

Extreme E 1st season infographic

Impressions from the first season of Extreme E

Catarina Silva: Team Leader Product Management Continental

Jenson Button: Team owner and driver JBXE

Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky: JBXE driver

Nico Rosberg: Founder & CEO Rosberg X Racing

A recap of the races in 2021

Desert Xprix

Extreme E 2021 started with the Desert X Prix in Saudi Arabia, where drought and desertification are a constant threat. The heat and unforgiving terrain tested the drivers but were no match for our teams.  

Ocean Xprix

Next stop was in Africa for the second race, the Ocean X Prix, located in Senegal - where marine ecosystems fight for survival. To highlight this, our teams conquered sand bars and salt beds, gravel, and rocks. 

Arctic Xprix

The Artic X Prix, our third race, took us to Greenland. Melting ice caps and rising sea levels put pressure on animal species in this highly specialised biome. Driving over land that was previously a glacier ensured the team’s driving skills were challenged on a whole different level. 

Island Xprix

Sardinia hosted our fourth race, the Island X Prix. Rising temperature and heat waves have caused wildfires to run rampant. This race marked a drastic change in terrain, with compact surfaces and a plethora of natural obstacles. 

Jurassic Xprix

The fifth and final race, the Jurassic X Prix took place in Dorset, England. It is clear to see how rising sea levels are leading to coastal erosion and irreversible damage. The winning team, Rosberg X Racing, had to contend with low visibility and intense competition, but they claimed victory and became the first ever champions of Extreme E.

What does 2022 hold for Extreme E? We can give you a clue: South America makes an appearance (or two). But we do not want to give too much away, so you will just have to stay tuned to find out more..

Extreme E 2021 season highlights 

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