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Conti InterLock technology: The game-changing tread compound

The new Conti InterLock compound technology results in an optimum bond between the compound ingredients, so that less tyre-internal friction occurs. This translates into lower rolling resistance, improved fuel efficiency and reduced CO₂ emissions.

  • Innovative Conti InterLock compound delivers a previously unattained balance between the tyre’s mileage and its rolling resistance on regional roads
  • New filler material ensures optimum interaction and bond with the polymers in the rubber compound
  • Novel polymer with better binding properties helps it interlock more effectively with the filler elements

You should never change a running system. This is why we adopted the  tread pattern of our renowned Conti Hybrid HD3 to give you top performance on hilly, winding roads. With its new compound formula optimised for rolling resistance, the tread is the same but different.

The tread offers you: 

  • Outstanding handling, grip and mileage on regional roads
  • A block design that cuts wear by reducing the ground contact area for significantly more mileage
  • A low-void design for less deformation
  • More gripping edges and 3D sipes for better traction and a better tread stability and durability


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