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Our SC20+ offers improved mileage of up to 20%* as well as increased resistance to damage due to the Plus Compound. The tyre maintains its predecessor’s esteemed rolling resistance** making it a leading product in efficiency. The proven tread design is based on the special combination of linear grooves and large blocks leading to excellent traction on any surface.

Our SC20+ offers increased robustness and cut resistance due to its new compound.

*compared to SC20 Energy+

**compared to SC20 Mileage+.

Technical Details

Exceptional mileage with low rolling resistance

  • Up to 20% higher mileage* with maintained low rolling resistance

*compared to SC20 Energy+

Excellent traction

Proven tread design with large, individual tread blocks and extra large linear grooves for excellent traction

High durability

  • Optimised compound thanks to short-chained sulfur components
  • Optimised silica portion for the highest level of resistance against cracking and chunking    

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