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Our ContiRV20 Velocity has been developed by us for industrial high-speed and long-distance applications, such as airport ground service.

    Technical Details

    Rolling Resistance

    • Optimised rubber compound for low rolling resistance
    • Radial tyre construction ensures maximum efficiency in the transmission of drive force
    • Lower energy consumption cuts costs (a 10% difference in rolling resistance can cut costs by around 3%)
    • Excellent fuel economy, optimum battery life in electric vehicles, and reduced CO2

    Tread Compound

    • Molecular tread compound grips the ground surface structure
    • Ribbed tread profile ensures that the tyre has permanent contact with the ground
    • This means shorter stopping distances on slippery or sloping surfaces, which in turn improves the safety of the driver and load


    • Ribbed tread pattern results in smooth road contact
    • Closed shoulder avoids tearing and eliminates heel and toe wear
    • The closed shoulder construction increases tyre mileage due to minimised irregular wear
    • Radial tyre construction provides optimum comfort

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