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For work in pick and stack applications in which vehicles are constantly making short stop-start moves with frequent turning on the spot.

Our ContainerMaster+ is suitable for vehicles assigned to both pick-and-stack as well as load-and-carry applications at shorter distances.

Technical Details

Long lifetime and high stability when loading unloading containers

  •  Large tread and shoulder blocks
  •  Wide, flat stable load platform
ContainerMaster+ - Shoulder Blocks ContainerMaster+ - Shoulder Blocks

Deep wide tread grooves

  • Reduced risk of groove cracks and heat build-up
  • Supports easier turning on the spot, by reducing stress in tread blocks
ContainerMaster+ - Tread Blocks

Our new Port Plus compound  reduces tyre heat generation, minimises wear and extends tyre life significantly.

  • High mileage in pick and stack applications and reduced risk of tread cracks
  • Increased abrasion resistance in demanding applications (turning on the spot) due to increased tensile strength
ContainerMaster+ - Port Plus Compound

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