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Aggregates & Construction

Continental OTR Earthmoving Tyres

Why choose our Earthmover tyres

Our earthmover tyre ranges are specifically designed for application in the very harsh conditions of quarries and construction sites as well as surface and underground mines. Like all our tyres, these are manufactured and field tested to meet the highest level of performance, safety and durability for every application, even in the most severe of conditions.

All our radial earthmover tyres are equipped with our intelligent tyre sensor that provides you with data in real time to ensure optimal tyre pressure and temperature, leading to improved fuel consumption and minimised risk of tyre failure.

ContiEarth™ - Aggregates & Construction Solutions

Our commercial specialty tyres follow the customised solution approach with our ContiEarth™ range. This means, every tyre line has been developed for an individual vehicle type and therefore takes into consideration the requirements of each machine.

Our EM-Master and RDT-Master earthmover tyre ranges meet the specific demands of ADTs, loaders, dozers and RDTs used to transport heavy loads over long distances in extreme conditions.

Available in a variety of designs and compounds our tyres feature excellent self cleaning characteristics, good wear resistance, high cut protection, and thus deliver a strong overall operating hour performance.  

The tyres were specifically designed for the extreme conditions our customers are facing in the earthmoving sector.

- Reinhard Klant, Product Line Manager Earthmover tyres at Continental

ContiMine™ - Underground Mining

Our ContiMine™ tyre ranges were specifically designed for the extreme conditions faced in the underground mining sector. Each tyre line was developed for an individual vehicle type, and is therefore tailored to the requirements of each machine.

We choose different tyre construction types to address the specific demands of each application. The ScoopMaster, Drillmaster and UndergroundMaster have all been constructed with our proven V.ply design with high carcass strength and robustness, whilst the DumperMaster boasts a full steel radial construction which delivers outstanding load capability over long transport distances in underground mines.

Digital Tyre Monitoring

Take a step into the present of tyre management with the ContiEarth™ intelligent tyres, saving the need for extensive manual checks and optimising the life of your tyres.

More Information

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Digital Tyre Monitoring - Earthmoving pdf 318 KB
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