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First to invest in our CompactMaster AG tyres

Tom Price

Tom Price

A South Shropshire farmer has been quick to invest in our new CompactMaster AG tyres for his JCB 530-70. “I bought the tyres online from farmtyres.co.uk and fitted them myself. I wasn’t aware that I was the first until Continental contacted me to ask about what vehicle I had fitted them to,” says farmer Tom Price from Abdon Farm near Craven Arms. 

The new CompactMaster AG telehandler tyre is the latest addition to our agricultural tyre range and features new technology. This tyre is the first to be designed with a new Turtle Shield tread layer and twisted steel belt. It is a reinforced tyre with a hard shell and a more flexible steel wire construction to help prevent cuts and damage, whilst offering greater stability for materials handling work. “I noticed an immediate difference, the JCB is much more stable on these tyres and feels steadier. I’m moving bales at the moment, and we have undulating land, so the extra grip has been a big help,” Tom says. 

twisted steel belt
turtle shield
wide lugs

Abdon Farm stretches to 350 acres and the Price family grows 100 acres of combinable crops with some fodder beet and grass leys to make silage for their 250 beef cattle. “We also have 500 breeding ewes so there is a wide variety of farm work for the JCB and our other machinery,” he says. “We tend to buy older kit and do our own maintenance, so we are used to changing tyres to update and improve our machinery,” he adds. 

"These Continental tyres came in cheaper than some of the other premium brands but have the same quality look and feel.”

Tom Price

The JCB is a 2003 model and has covered 15,000 hours. Mr Price purchased it in 2013 and suggests it has been a good investment. “I do a lot of loading work, so a good telehandler is important here. I wanted to improve the ride and grip, so I was willing to invest in premium quality tyres. These Continental tyres came in cheaper than some of the other premium brands but have the same quality look and feel. The tyres have a good tread depth on the shoulders and feel strong even at the slightly lower pressures I am running them at for field work,” he says. 

Our agricultural tyre specialist in the UK says, “This tyre represents years of research and development by our agricultural team in Lousado, Portugal. The new twisted steel belt construction has a unique Turtle Shield layer beneath the rubber to protect the tyre shoulder area from damage. The wider tread and lug widths have been specifically designed to offer better traction on a variety of surfaces and improve the self-cleaning properties of the tyre,” he adds.

The new tyre is capable of operating at speeds of up to 50 kilometres per hour. “This level of tolerance is an indication of the strength and flexibility of the tyre. The twisted steel belt provides a robust yet flexible tyre that can run at higher pressures on the road to enhance fuel efficiency, and lower pressures in the yard or field when carrying heavy loads,” he says.

Tom Price

Mr Price has already noticed the benefit of the lug design, which aids the cleaning properties of the tyre. “There is wider spacing between the lugs which helps with self-cleaning and traction. This will be a big help when the weather turns, because we can have prolonged wet spells which makes grip tricky at times,” he says. Compared to a standard agricultural tyre pattern, the new lug design of the CompactMaster AG tyre provides five percent more surface area. “This lug design further enhances grip and will also contribute to the tyre wearing more evenly, which can improve the hours and mileage the tyre will deliver,” adds our specialist.

Telehanders, like Mr Price’s JCB, also have to make stationary turns on hard surfaces which increases the lateral pressure that is put through the tyre. The twisted steel belt construction of the CompactMaster AG tyre makes it stiffer which provides greater stability. “The JCB feels steadier especially when lifting and turning with a weight over the front. All in all, I am really impressed. The tyres are well designed, and I expect them to last well too,” concludes Mr Price. 



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