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Our digital solutions boost safety


For bulk haulier G. Webb, the rollout of ContiPressureCheck and ContiConnect Yard has unquestionably seen tyre reliability increase and maintenance costs significantly drop. After a successful trial, our tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) has been fitted to the majority of G.Webb’s fleet, with all new vehicles receiving the equipment upon delivery.  


G. Webb was able to easily tailor our Digital Solutions package to reflect the needs of the business. Long-haul tippers and arctics are fitted with live telematic ContiConnect reporting, which is fed back to Paul at head office. These vehicles also sport the ContiPressureCheckTM in-cab display, providing real-time tyre pressures and alerting drivers to a problem immediately as it occurs.

We were experiencing low tyre pressures and punctures on a relatively frequent basis but weren’t always aware of where, when or how they were happening, sometimes, we didn’t know that there was a problem brewing until we did our weekly tyre checks on a Saturday. The ContiPressureCheck system has eliminated that doubt.

Paul Broker | Fleet Engineering Director | G.Webb

Benefits of our ContiPressureCheck

ContiPressureCheck is highly versatile and compatible, using sensors mounted inside the tyre to continuously monitor pressures and temperatures. The system can be easily retrofitted to many vehicles and its wireless radio technology allows for easy monitoring of trailers.


On top of the cost, safety and reliability benefits, ContiPressureCheck™ has delivered greater efficiency in the operator’s workshop. With a large fleet to keep in active service, the TPMS’ traffic-light warning system has helped Paul and his team minimise downtime, plan work and self-regulate the flow through the garage.

It’s quite hard for us to quantify the benefit that ContiPressureCheck™ has brought to our fleet because it helps us in so many ways. We’re saving on call outs; we’re saving on lost tyres; we’re more efficient and a safer haulier because of it. I’ve lost count of how many times it’s solved or prevented something.

Paul Broker | Fleet Engineering Director | G.Webb

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