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BZ Transport was established in Slovenia in 2010. The company is engaged in the transportation of new and used cars from Europe. Director Slobodan Okosanović gives us some insights on his business and his experience with Continental’s digital solutions. For him, key to success are the people they work with – and so far, both employees and business partners are happy with the Continental system.

Director Slobodan Okosanović of BZ Transport, Slovenia, next to a truck.

Why were you interested in a tyre pressure monitoring solution?

For better and easier control, and above all for safety reasons. The advantages of the system are lower costs and higher safety. But we did not have any doubts about the system at the beginning. If I would doubt about it, I would not even mount it.

Now that you are using it, what do you like about ContiPressureCheck™? What are the main benefits for you?

We always have accurate information available at all times. Even history is visible. The biggest benefit of the system is safety. If something happens with the tyre it is easier to see whether this is due to improper air pressure or overheating. It is also easier to assess why there are failures.

How did ContiPressureCheck™/ContiConnect™ help you to improve your business?

We had to carry out tyre control every two months, but now this part is out. Control costs have been reduced, while control over tyres has increased.

Drivers are really happy when they have CPC built into their vehicle, providing them with peace of mind regarding tyres, so that they do not have to always control them.

There is a difference because we have a constant overview of the right tyre pressure, which also leads to lower fuel consumption. The life of the tyre and the carcass is definitely improved, as the tyre pressure is always correct. In this whole story, it is also important that you can always be sure that the one who was mounting the tyres also inflated them properly.

Would you recommend ContiPressureCheck™?

Yes. Especially due to safety and accuracy of the data.

How would you rate the interaction with Continental employees?

Good cooperation, but we are also extremely pleased with the advice from Continental.

How is Continental in general adding value to your business or contributing to your success - for example with tyres, retread, services?

With tyre quality, good organisation of logistics, prompt delivery of tyres and also retread is available and we are planning it for the future.

Any further comments?

I would like to commend the work and effort of the entire Continental team.

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