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Our tyres are favored for road use

Alan Thow

Alan Thow farms 2,500 acres in partnership with this brother Norman, with their sons heavily involved, too. Alan and Norman took on the farm from their father at a young age. Denside is a mixed farm beside Auchenblae, Laurencekirk with farmland spread over a 20-mile radius that includes 400 beef cows, 1,400 breeding ewes, 2,000 finishing cattle and 6,000 lambs, 600 acres of cereals and 100 acres of turnips and fodder beet are grown for feed.

John Deere 6150R with Continental TractorMaster John Deere 6150R with our TractorMaster

Alan runs nine tractors. Eight John Deere, one Massey Ferguson. He says, “We’ve had a long run of John Deere tractors, they do the job well and over the years we have had most of the series.” Amongst his fleet is a 6150R. “It does a lot of road work, but we also use it for baling, fertiliser spreading and breaking in land. It’s a good all-rounder.”

​The premium brand tyres specified on the 6150R needed to be replaced so Alan started looking for an alternative. “Because of the amount of road work we do I wanted tyres to be quiet and comfortable on the road, but I also expected premium brand tyres to wear well and to get all the tread wear without cracks and punctures.”

We have had the tyres on for almost a year now and done about 1800 hours. The tyres are quieter, better on the road and were cheaper than many premium brand tyres.

Alan Thow - Owner – Denside, Laurencekirk, Scotland

Alan has sourced tyres from Bob Anderson, of Soltyre’s Brechin Branch, for 35 years.  Bob advised that Continental were making tyres in a new factory, and sales manager Richard Hutchins could explain how our new tyres would suit Alan’s road use.  “It was refreshing to talk to someone who really knew his stuff.  Richard was able to explain how Continental’s TractorMaster tyres had been designed for road use.  He has a long history in the industry and clearly understands how tyres on agricultural machinery need to work.  When the tyres were fitted he even came to the farm to weigh the tractor and offer advice on running pressures.”

In the past Alan has experienced loud road noise and tyres flexing on the side walls so it was important that the new tyres for his 6150R would provide a better driving experience.  “We have had the tyres on for almost a year now and done about 1,800 hours.  The tyres are quieter, better on the road and were cheaper than many premium brand tyres.”

Safety is important to Alan whose workers have expressed concerns over tyres in the past. “I want my workers to feel confident in their kit and be safe. Tractors are getting bigger and faster so it’s important for the tyres to be able to keep up.”

Alan had our TractorMaster 650/65R38 tyres fitted to the rear and 540/65R28 to the front in November 2018.  He concludes “The tyres are wearing well and give us what we need, so I’m happy with that.”

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