Our VF TractorMaster Hybrid was developed to help especially in agricultural contracting work. It offers high comfort and mileage on roads and ideal traction on hard and soft soils, whilkst doing minimum damage in grassland applications.

The integrated tyre sensor informs you constantly about tyre pressure and temperature and ensures the maximum tyrelife with the correct oiperating pressure.

Technical Details

High Mileage on Roads

  • Innovative tread design with 30% larger lug surface than conventional patterns for high mileage on the road and good traction on hard and normal soil 

Driving Comfort on Roads

  • Central block band with dissected blocks ensure a good surface adaption and reduce noise and vibration which is especially useful for long drives on-road.

Suitable for Grassland

  • Rounded lugs reduce cutting of roots in grassland applications and minimise slippage on sandy soil – for lower fuel consumption

Sensor Connect Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Sensor

  • A smart farming solution to help you increase productivity, avoid tyre failures and ensure maximum tyrelife
  • Constant monitoring of tyre pressure and temperature to help you ensure the right pressure at all times
  • Tyre sensor mounted in each VF TractorMaster Hybrid from the factory


Airport Brochure UK pdf 3 MB Download
Agriculture Warranty UK pdf 920 KB Download
Technical Databook - Agriculture English pdf 8 MB Download

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