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New patented polymer technology against tyre punctures

Agro ContiSeal

Agritechnica innovation award 2022

Silver medal winner of the Agritechnica innovation award 2022

Agro ContiSeal is an innovative solution for agriculture tyres which seals punctures caused by foreign objects up to 12mm in diameter and prevents the loss of tyre pressure.

A tyre failure - especially at peak times such as harvest - can be a nightmare, causing severe constraints and downtime whilst your tyre is changed. This can result in delays and can even lead to the loss of your harvest.



Agro ContiSeal offers a more reliable way to operate your machinery particularly in stubble fields. Our patented polymer is applied to the inside of the tyre. The result is a sticky layer which covers punctures and prevents loss of tyre pressure. Agro ContiSeal will help you to keep moving. This technology is still in development and not yet available on the market for agricultural tyres.