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Get the most out of your tyres

Under-inflated tyres are a major reason for breakdowns and service calls. That costs time, money and nerves. That is why correct tyre pressure and tyre temperature is key for your fleet.

With ContiConnect™ 2.0 you can monitor the health of your tyres and thereby increase safety, reduce tyre wear, ensure increased uptime and avoid costly breakdowns, lower maintenance costs, and optimise fuel savings.

The next generation of digital tyre monitoring

Moreover, new features of ContiConnect™ 2.0 will be available soon for commercial vehicles.

Benefit from full transparency on the health of your tyres including mileage and tread depth information, manage your assets efficiently and take predictive maintenance to the next level. This gives you the capability of staying up-to-date on your tyre’s health and to plan services proactively.

ContiConnect™ Features

  • Experience a new dimension of digital tire monitoring which provides full transparency and enables predictive maintenance
  • Bring efficiency to the next level by precisely monitoring tire pressure and temperature with a mileage and tread depth prediction
  • Profit from tailor-made solutions that are most profitable for your business

New for 2022

We are delighted to present the new generation of our ContiConnect tyre management system. ContiConnect™ 2.0 puts in place the necessary infrastructure for the all-encompassing, digital tyre management of the future. 

Continuous analysis of the extensive data collected from the tyres creates a broad data pool. ContiConnect™ 2.0 will allow tyre maintenance – on passenger cars, trucks, buses and off-road vehicles – to be carried out exactly when it is needed. All available data on the tyre and vehicle is continuously analysed in the cloud.

Big data makes it possible to issue precise tyre condition forecasts. Vehicle and tyre services can be coordinated and aligned with one another to optimum effect, which creates synergies and seamless links to workshops and dealers. The result is increased fleet efficiency, lower overall costs and reassurance for fleet managers that their vehicles will be ready to use more of the time.

Technical details

Having everything under control makes life much easier – and your business smarter. With ContiConnect™ 2.0 you benefit from full transparency on the key factors of your fleet’s tyres by monitoring their health. What’s really good: it’s in real time, which allows you to proactively plan services thanks to predictive analytics. Finally, a solution to increase your peace of mind.

Running a business is full of ups and downs. With the ability to remotely monitor all relevant tyre parameters such as pressure, temperature and now even mileage measurement and tread depth prediction, you can significantly lower the risk of tyre-related breakdowns. This helps you to generate value by increasing your vehicle’s uptime – and your asset’s lifetime – easily. Improve your efficiency by reducing fuel costs and CO₂ emissions. Now, your business gets even more ups.

No business is like any other. You have different challenges, vehicles and needs. The perfect solution is the one that covers all of them. ContiConnect™ has different options to choose from – including different packages and add-ons. Pick the ones you profit the most from with our modular system. Tailor-made to your vehicle’s operations: check all data 24/7 on any device with LIVE or right after your trucks return to their dedicated checkpoints with YARD. This is digital tyre monitoring for every business.

ContiConnect™ is our digital tyre monitoring platform for commercial fleets, now available in select markets worldwide. By digitalising your tyre monitoring activities withContiConnect™, you can ensure increased uptime and lower maintenance costs as well as maximise fuel savings.

New for 2022

Tyre sensors mounted onto the inner liner transmit tyre pressure and temperature data to a yard reader station and report the status to our web portal. You can also capture your tyre data with our hand-held tool and manually upload it to the web portal - this helps in case the vehicles do not return frequently to dedicated checkpoints or are not in range of the yard reader station. With ContiConnect™ you can receive customis​able notifications so that you can address tyre pressure issues in real-time and avoid costly breakdowns.

The tyre sensor is mounted onto the inner liner of a tyre in order to collect data. The sensor can either be retro-fitted or factory-fitted onto a tyre.

Tyre sector

The yard reader station is the connectivity component of ContiConnect™ that receives the data from the tyre sensors within a yard and transmits it via cellular connection to the backend. The yard reader station is installed at your fleet's most frequent touch points, like a washing bay, fuel station or other checkpoints within the yard. It reads the data off the tyre sensors and sends it to the backend where it is analysed and interpreted.

Yard Reader Station

The hand-held tool is needed for initialisation of ContiConnect™. This component is used to assign each tyre sensor to the respective wheel position of your vehicle. It connects wirelessly to the tyre sensors. You can also use the hand-held tool to import tyre data to our web portal without a yard reader station.

Hand-Held Tool

Our ContiConnect™ web portal is the interface where you can proactively monitor the tyre conditions on all of your vehicles. The web portal is a browser-based application that can be accessed from any type of device, enabling you to monitor your fleet 24/7/365.

Web Portal

ContiConnect™ & Conti Yard Reader

ContiConnect™ - The efficient solution for remote tyre monitoring

ContiConnect™ enables you to remotely monitor tyre pressure and temperature in real-time and notifies you in case of urgent alerts. In doing so it prevents tyre-related breakdowns and generates value by increasing vehicle uptime. 


  • Consists of different components, which include the sensors in the tyres, a yard reader station, a backend as well as a web portal and notification services.
  • Monitors, analyses and reports tyre pressure and temperature for your entire fleet based on data from sensors in the tyres, collected by a station in the yard.
  • Sends alerts, if tyre pressure deviates from the defined value.
  • Notifies a group of defined recipients via e-mail or SMS and suggests corrective measures, if necessary.
  • Allows your Fleet Manager to act proactively instead of fixing problems reactively.
  • Higher uptime for your entire fleet, less maintenance, and overall success in mobility and efficiency.

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