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Conti Scandinavia HT3 19.5

Scandinavia HT3_19.5





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Well prepared for winter:

Quick Facts

  • Maximum safety due to siping technology and pocket sipes for excellent curving and braking stability
  • Wider shoulders to withstand strong lateral forces
  • Special Generation 3 winter compound against harsh winter conditions

Scandinavia HT3_19.5

Technical details


  • A proven combination of different siping technologies guarantees maximum safety under harsh winter conditions
  • The special winter pattern ensures firm grip and traction on snow and ice

WinterPattern-Montage_RZ (1)

Safety benefits

The Conti Scandinavia is the ideal solution for demanding winter conditions:

  • 10 %* better braking on ice
  • 30 %* better acceleration on snow
  • 35 %* better braking in snow
  • To achieve maximum braking benefits, Conti Scandinavia should be mounted on all axles

* compared to a premium regional tyre



  • The new tread compound provides significant improvements in rolling resistance at constant mileage performance
  • The sidewall compound adds to the improvements in rolling resistance, reducing fuel consumption further
  • The two-layer tread construction combines high mileage performance in the cap compound with significant rolling resistance improvements in the base compound


Scandinavia HT3_19.5

EU Tyre Label

EU Tirelable

EU Tyre Label values vary by the tyre size. The label values for further tyre sizes are shown in the product range below or click on „EU Tyre Label Generator“ to find directly the EU Tyre Label values for your size.

For more information about the EU Tyre Label please click here.


EU Tyre Label Generator

Product range

Conti Scandinavia HT3
Tyre size LI / SI M+S 3PMSF
215/75 R 17.5 135/133K M+S 3PMSF D C 72dB/2
235/75 R 17.5 143/141K (144/144F) M+S 3PMSF D C 72dB/2
245/70 R 17.5 143/141L (146/146F) M+S 3PMSF D C 72dB/2
265/70 R 19.5 143/141K M+S 3PMSF D C 72dB/2
285/70 R 19.5 150/148K M+S 3PMSF C C 72dB/2


Easier and faster regrooving thanks to new regrooving indicators

Read more about ContiLifeCycle™

SizeDepth (mm)      Width (mm)
265/70 R 19.5      3.06
285/70 R 19.53.07

  • Premium retreadability due to durable casing with AirKeep inner liner, new and improved belt cord construction and new belt skim compound