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Conti CrossTrac HD3

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Two worlds. One solution.

Meet every challenge with Conti CrossTrac.

Quick Facts

Designed for the most challenging on and off-road applications.

Our new Conti CrossTrac is as flexible and adaptive as your business requires. It offers outstanding durability, traction and robustness for harsh off-road conditions as well as a smooth performance and high mileage on the road.

  • Outstanding traction and excellent on and off-road wear performance
  • Integrated continuous tread blocks for extra tread durability and robustness and an enhanced chip, chunk and cut resistance
  • Robust 4-belt layer casing for maximum retreadability
  • M+S and 3PMSF markings
Conti CrossTrac HD3 Improvements
HD 3

Technical details

Premium compounds, a lot of expertise and plus an extra inch of rubber. That's what Conti CrossTrac tyres are made of. And thanks to their robust casings, these tyres last way beyond a single tyre life.

1. Long-lasting casing

The long-lasting casing, with its outstanding structural stability, is one of the reasons why our tyres are so economical. More rubber in the contact crown area adds another layer of protection and reduces the risk of punctures.

2. Extra-stable bead

Made of extra-stable compounds for significantly reduced material fatigue. The location of the bead ensures an optimal load distrubution under all loading conditions.

Ready for a retread? Enter the ContiLifeCycle™.

Our advanced hot retreading solutions provide for additional mileage in a second or even third life. This will not only benefit your budget, but the environment too – reusing the tyre casing saves energy and resources.

Find out more about ContiLifeCycle™.

Conti CrossTrac HD3 Tread Pattern

Reliable traction for drive axle

  • Innovative tread pattern for outstanding traction and excellent on- and off-road wear performance
  • Optimised gripper edges for optimal off-road grip and minimised stone retention
  • Integrated continuous tread blocks for extra tread durability and robustness and an enhanced chip, chunk and cut resistance

1. Carbon black against cuts

Activated carbon black in the compound mixture for impressive cut resistance and stability against punctures.

2. Naturally resistant

Extra-high amount of natural rubber for outstanding robustness and chip and chunk resistance.

3. Combining two worlds

Blending different compounds for the cap and base to balance out conflicting application requirements: Optimised base compound for low rolling resistance and an innovative cap compound for optimum traction.

HD 3

EU Tyre Label

1. Wet grip

The wet grip rating indicates how well the tyre will perform in wet conditions, with performance graded from class A down to E. A high grade means short braking distances on wet roads.

2. Fuel efficiency

Reduced rolling resistance saves fuel and cuts CO2 emissions. Class A tyres deliver the best fuel efficiency, with fuel consumption increasing all the way down to class E.

3. Noise level

This is the external rolling noise generated by the tyre, measured in decibels. The label shows the noise level rated in classes from A down to C. 

Additional pictograms for snow and icy conditions

In addition to these three label values, there are also pictograms − if applicable − relating to performance in severe snow conditions (3PMSF) and/or grip in icy conditions (the latter applies to passenger car tyres only).

With the EU label generator, you can access the specific label values for your Continental tyres.

For further details on the new EU Tyre Label (2020/740) please click here.

HD 3

Ready for the future.

Intelligent sensors inside the tyre.

Underinflated tyres are a major cause for

  • Breakdowns
  • Increased tyre wear
  • Reduced casing life
  • Extra costs
  • Downtimes

Hence, verifying the correct air pressure and temperature is key. 

Ready your fleet for the future. With our intelligent tyre sensors.

Our tyre sensors are at the core of both ContiPressureCheck™ and ContiConnect™, our digital tyre-monitoring systems. The intelligent sensors constantly measure temperature and air pressure from inside the tyre and provide data to be displayed inside the driver’s cabin or on a web portal overseeing the fleet. With Conti CrossTrac premium tyres, you benefit from the complete solution for your business since they are ideally suited for our digital tyre-monitoring solutions.

Learn more about our digital tyre-monitoring solutions.

Intelligent Continental sensors

Product range

Conti CrossTrac HD3
Tyre size LI / SI M+S Label Landing Page
13 R 22.5 156/150K M+S E B 75dB/B 3PMSF Show Label
295/80 R 22.5 152/148K M+S D B 76dB/B 3PMSF Show Label
315/80 R 22.5 156/150K M+S D B 76dB/B 3PMSF Show Label
315/80 R 22.5 156/150K M+S D B 76dB/B 3PMSF Show Label