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Hamilton Waste enhances safety and savings with ContiPressureCheck


Hamilton Waste enhances safety and savings with ContiPressureCheck

  • Construction waste specialist reduces number of damaged tyres and increases tyre performance.
  • Continuous in-cab monitoring reinforces safety of drivers and other road users.
  • Installed on/off-road 4x2, 6x2 and 8x2 skip-loaders and tractor units

Hamilton Waste Lorry

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Hamilton Waste & Recycling Ltd has replaced its former tyre pressure monitoring system with ContiPressureCheck from Continental Tyres. As one of Scotland’s premier waste and recycling operators, the company recently won Recycling Facility of the Year at the 2018 National Recycling Awards. 

Keir Hamilton, Director of the family-owned business, said, “One of the major costs for our business, both in time and money, had been tyre failures — specifically, punctures. The first system we had simply did not provide enough accuracy to help us spot and save affected tyres, so we researched alternatives and found ContiPressureCheck (CPC). We had been specifying Continental Construction tyres for some time and, as a premium product, it was important to us to pick up even slight initial pressure losses and possible puncture threats.”

Hamilton Waste & Recycling runs some 18 skip-loaders, 7 roll-on/roll-offs, 2 trade waste RCVs and 4 arctic units on its operations across Musselburgh. These primarily cover construction and demolition waste, but also a growing volume of trade waste and general public skip hire. Predominantly a Scania fleet, Hamilton Waste first used Continental products when they came as original fitment on new trucks. Based on that early experience, they asked Scania to continue to fit only Continental Construction tyres to all their new trucks. Today, the Hamilton Waste fleet runs new Continental HSC1 tyres on steer axles, and HDC1 on drive axles.

“We take some ContiRe tyres because they are an excellent product,” says Keir Hamilton, “The condition of our worn carcasses now is such that we can use them with Continental as part of the deal. And that is a direct result of the CPC system. 

“Now, with every truck equipped with ContiPressureCheck all drivers have an in-cab monitor showing real-time pressures and temperatures for each tyre. This means we can spot and repair possible punctures before a tyre is destroyed as a result of running flat. Even a short period of flat-running ruins a tyre and, before CPC, there was little our drivers could do about it. Now we spot tyres that have even minor pressure losses and remove and repair them before they get worse.”

ContiPressureCheck monitoring works by providing real-time information through sensors, fitted inside each tyre. These sensors continuously relay tyre status information to a monitor in the cab. CPC covers most combinations of fitment, across multi-axle rigids, tractors, trailers and tractor/trailer combinations, and is able to reduce a vehicle’s operating costs by over £1,000 per year.* For most operators though, the system will offer savings on more than just punctures, with well-maintained tyre pressures significantly improving fuel economy, reducing uneven wear and extending overall tyre life.

Hamilton Waste and Recycling have their own tyre-fitter on site to deal with all work on fitting new tyres, as well as to handle any switch-over of sensors with local tyre dealer, Redpath Tyres. In addition, the tyre-fitter delivers new products and removes used carcasses for processing through ContiRe.

As Keir Hamilton points out, however, the decision to invest in CPC monitoring was based on more than simple economics. “We recognised that a robust monitoring system would not only enhance the state of our tyres, but also greatly improve the safety of both our own drivers and other road users – and that is a benefit beyond price. It helps me sleep at night, knowing we are doing everything we can to reduce our impact on the local community and infrastructure.”

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