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Continental introduces new 19.5" tyres for Urban Buses

  • New Conti Urban HA3 245/70 R 19.5" expands range of passenger transport tyres for urban bus services
  • Up to 20 percent more tyre life coupled with tough sidewalls
  • Exceptional driving safety, low rolling noise, precise handling, and ride comfort
  • Great tyre life and retreadability for optimal cost-effectiveness in urban bus applications

Urban bus tyres are placed under higher stress in the inner-city public transport segment than in any other area of application. Stop/start operation coupled with frequent braking and accelerating, varying road surfaces and recurring contact with the curb due to pulling up to and away from bus stops results in high expectations from urban bus tyres.

New content item

The new Conti Urban HA3 245/70 R 19.5” delivers high tyre life and optimum driving safety for urban buses.

The German premium tyre manufacturer, Continental, is helping meet these expectations by expanding its range of 19.5”-inch tyres with the new Conti Urban HA3 245/70 R 19.5" developed for use on medium-sized urban buses.

The reinforced side walls of the Conti Urban HA3 provide a specially stiffened tyre contour, which can also withstand frequent curbstone contacts at bus stops, which is unavoidable with urban bus services. The rubber compound used for the tread and the tread design increase the mileage of the bus tyre by up to 20 percent compared with a standard regional tyre. The deep sipes also ensure optimum lane holding even in extremely wet conditions throughout the entire life of the Conti Urban HA3 245/70 R 19.5” tyre. The Conti Urban HA3 245/70 R 19.5” combines superb handling and excellent grip, ensuring the comfort and safety of passengers.

The Conti HA3 can be used on all axles, as indicated by the A in the designation HA3. The carcass of the Conti Urban HA3 245/70 R 19.5” can be retreaded thus extending the life of the tyre, which has a positive impact on its cost-effectiveness in the fleet. Regrooving indicators to mark the possible regrooving depth are integrated into the tread. The Conti Urban HA3 245/70 R 19.5” is labeled with the M+S symbol, which means that it is suitable for year-round use in many European regions. 

The Conti Urban HA3 is available in the following sizes:

Tyre SizeM+SLoad & Speed IndexFuel EfficiencyWet GripRolling Noise
245/70 R 19.5Yes136/134 MCC70 dB (A)
265/70 R 19.5Yes140/138 MCC70 dB (A)
315/60 R 22.5Yes152/148 J
(154/150 E)
CB71 dB (A)
275/70 R 22.5-150/145 J
(152/148 E)
CB70 dB (A)
275/70 R 22.5Yes152/148 J
(152/148 E)
DB70 dB (A)
305/70 R 22.5Yes152/148 K
(154/150 E)
CB70 dB (A)

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