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Commercial Fleet Sales Manager Tony Stapleton talks Fleet Services and the future of connectivity


·         Conti360° helps operators to achieve lowest overall driving costs

·         24/7 365 days a year service, with over 2,500 partners across Europe

·         Comprehensive tyre management programme with complete monitoring and reporting


Conti360° Fleet Services is designed to offer an exclusive all-round service that meets its customers’ specific needs and enables them to achieve the lowest overall driving costs through a variety of convenient services.


The services include assistance in the correct selection and fitting of tyres, ongoing inspection, monitoring and reporting, fast response in the event of a tyre breakdown and the proper handling of worn tyres.

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As part of Continental’s strategy to provide customers with safe, reliable and efficient solutions for their transport needs, Tony Stapleton, from Continental Tyres discusses how Conti360° works with its array of networks and partners, details the services available, and explains how it can positively impact a business.


Tony Stapleton, is Commercial Fleet Sales Manager for Continental Tyres and is responsible for the fleet market in the UK and Ireland as well as sitting on a central European fleet co-ordination committee.  Tony has 38 years’ experience in the tyre industry covering a number of roles in sales, service and the retread market.

Q         How many partners are represented by the Conti360° Fleet Services network and where do they operate?


A         The Europe-wide Conti360° network operates in 25 countries across Europe, with over 2,500 service points. Such is the geographical coverage that in the UK for example, the network is able to offer a one hour drive-on-time guarantee. This operates 24/7, 365 days a year.


Q         What do companies have to demonstrate in order to be a Conti360° Fleet Services partner?


A         Conti360° network partners must meet well documented quality standards and be able to facilitate a partnership approach. Companies must be able to demonstrate factors such as: a high adherence to policy fitment; the ability and flexibility to react quickly to breakdowns; proactive tyre husbrandry to ensure tyre life is maximised, regular fleet inspections and robust health and safety procedures.


Q         How does Continental monitor the standards of the Conti360° Fleet Services network?


A         Continental, runs a regular audit programme as well as KPI measurement on service levels.  Conti360° Fleet Service partners must at all times be able to show compliance to service level agreements as well as health and safety best practice.


Q         What benefits do customers gain from engaging with Conti360° Fleet Services?


A         Conti360° Fleet Services offer consistently high standards for an all-round service, tailored to every individual company.  All services are available 24/7, 365 days a year and include:

  • ContiFitmentService - ensuring the right tyre choice as well as the correct tyre fitment to guarantee smooth operations of the fleet.
  • ContiFleetCheck - regular inspections help get the best performance out of tyres.
  • ContiBreakdownService – ensuring minimum downtime, no matter where you are in the UK or Europe
  • ContiCasingManagement - complete casing handling at the end of the life of a tyre: collection, inspection, retreading and/or proper disposal.
  • ContiFleetReporting - a complete analysis of tyre-related data, showing potential for tyre-related cost savings at a glance



Q         Which area of fleet services has seen the biggest growth in recent years?


A         We have seen a strong desire from fleets to better control costs.  Customers are always looking to implement lower overall driving costs and one of the most effective ways in which we can help is to advise on comprehensive tyre management programmes. Continental works with customers to apply continual improvement measures both in costs and service levels, enabling better forecasting for financial and transport managers.  Our approach is to help give them a mechanism to look ahead and predict their tyre needs against the key financial, operational and compliance objectives we have set.


Q         What changes have you seen in the way fleets are working with Continental Tyres in recent years?


A         We are seeing a strong move towards integrating systems that will actively further reduce costs in tyres & services.  Continental are strongly positioned to be more than just a tyre supplier.  Our product portfolio within the Continental Group includes products such as automated braking and lane departure systems, that are already fully integrated in to vehicles, as well, of course, as our highly successful TPMS, ContiPressureCheck.  


Q         What are the biggest challenges for tyre manufacturers currently?


A         While the advent of tyre labelling has made product performance clearer, there are now many more products for more specific applications. While we can ensure that tyres are tuned to meet operator conditions, we still find that the vehicle and trailer servicing industry is generally poor at making sure tyre pressure is maintained correctly. With as many as one in four trucks operating with under-inflated tyres, this represents a huge loss in both fuel efficiency and the service life of tyres.


Q         What are the benefits for operators in working with a premium manufacturer such as Continental Tyres?


A         Our dedicated research, development and manufacturing centres give us unrivalled understanding of how our products operate in every condition.  We can therefore offer not just an understanding of the right tyre for the right application, but access to training on all aspects of the tyres operating characteristics and servicing requirements.                              


Q         Are more operators embracing the ContiLifeCycle concept than in recent years?


A         Customers in the bigger fleets working at a national level understand the undeniable benefits of looking at whole life costs.  We understand that it may be tempting for fleets to opt for the best initial purchase price when considering tyre contracts, but to get the best long term value from tyres, a lifecycle approach will always give the best return.


Q         What next for fleet services?


A         Connectivity is the key component for fleets looking to lower their overall driving costs.  As telematics packages have been around for some time now, they are still missing a key component in operating a vehicle or trailer safely and cost effectively, namely the tyre pressure. Our philosophy as a solutions provider means we are perfectly situated to advise on saving money on fuel as well as tyre costs.  As the manufacturer of the ContiPressureCheck we are in a unique position amongst our competitors to really move these active systems forward.


Giving customers the best options on active systems, has already benefitted a number of our customers, including companies such as CEMEX and is our focus in the coming years.

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