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Safer, More Efficient and Even More Convenient

Continental is Driving Forward Connected Technologies in Commercial Vehicles


·    Connectivity paves the way for new applications and services for handling performance, vehicle management, logistics and automated driving

·    Dynamic eHorizon: Anticipatory driving with real-time information about the route

·    Road Database: Automatically record and process highly accurate route data

·    ContiPressureCheck: Lower operating costs thanks to improved fuel efficiency and optimised tyre management

Hanover, August 2016. Continental will be presenting several examples of its connected technology at this year's International Motor Show Commercial Vehicles (IAA Commercial Vehicles) in Hanover. Modern trucks and buses contain around 170 data recording sensors, with more than 90 electronic control units processing the data and roughly 150 actuators converting that data into mechanical movement. Thanks to the Internet, this data can be easily shared and external information can be received. Increased connectivity has paved the way for new applications and services for handling performance, vehicle management, logistics, and automated driving.

At Stand A06 in Hall 17, visitors can see for themselves how the ContiPressureCheck system constantly monitors tyre pressure and temperature while driving, which is designed to save fuel and reduce the risk of a flat tyre. The dynamic eHorizon is a sensor system that supplies vehicles with real-time information, allowing the handling performance to be adapted to the current traffic situation, creating even more potential savings as well as adding additional safety. 

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A look around the corner: Dynamic eHorizon knows the traffic situation in detail

It is estimated that trucks fitted with eHorizon from Continental have saved nearly 300 million litres of diesel since 2012, or around €383 million. The sensor system uses highly accurate topographical route data and a GPS signal to provide the control units in the vehicle with information about the route ahead, and then adapts the driving style and speed automatically to suit the upcoming traffic. Continental is continuously developing this successful product. The final stage of expansion is the dynamic eHorizon, a highly accurate information carrier that is always up to date. Thanks to real-time information, it takes into account dynamic events such as weather, accidents, or traffic jams.

Several applications will be used at the IAA to demonstrate the advantages of the system. If the data sources report a traffic jam or roadworks, the dynamic eHorizon forwards this information to the control units, which then prompts the vehicle to coast or shift down a gear. By providing this information in good time, the system not only saves fuel, but can prevent serious accidents by warning drivers of dangers before they have been seen, such as the tail of a traffic jam around a bend. The technology therefore forms an important basis for automated driving. The eHorizon also anticipates the road ahead, making it just as efficient in urban traffic. The sensor holds data on traffic light phases, enabling the vehicle to implement an optimum driving strategy.

In addition to other sources, the dynamic eHorizon is supplied with highly accurate, up-to-date route information by the Road Database solution, also developed by Continental. The Road Database uses information from the various vehicle sensors and combines it to create a machine-readable image of the road. It is transmitted wirelessly to a backend, which uses the data provided by several vehicles, such as lane changes or a new traffic sign, to create accurate route data that is transmitted to all affected vehicles.

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Connected tyre pressure monitoring at low overall costs

Low tyre pressure often results in high operating costs for trucks and buses. In trials conducted at its own test tracks, Continental was able to show that fuel consumption over 100 kilometers increases by 0.7 litres when the tyre pressure in a fully loaded truck is low by just 2 bar. The day-to-day stress experienced by drivers often distracts them from keeping a constant eye on tyre pressure. The ContiPressureCheck system aids the drivers by using sensors inside the tyres to continuously monitor the pressure and temperature of all tyres on the vehicle during travel and in real time. The data is constantly recorded and shown to the driver on a display, and if the tyre pressure deviates from the nominal value, the system issues a warning immediately. This enables the driver to take instant measures to eliminate the problem and restore the tyre to the normal pressure.

The system therefore helps to reduce both fuel consumption and tyre wear while increasing the tyre service life, which enables fleet operating costs to be reduced by approximately €1,200 per vehicle per year. Thanks to a reduction in CO2 emissions, ContiPressureCheck also makes a positive contribution to sustainability. The continuous measurement of tyre pressure increases the safety of the vehicles, as it reduces the risk of a flat tyre.

ContiPressureCheck is quick and easy to install and can be retrofitted at a later point when the tyres are changed. It is compatible with various telematics systems and is integrated in the VDO TIS-Web fleet management software from Continental – a result of the successful collaboration between the Commercial Vehicles and Aftermarket business units. Fleet managers can see the tyre pressure and temperature data directly on their screen, enabling them to use this information to react proactively to a low tyre pressure, therefore maintaining the value of the carcass for the entire service life of the tyre.

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