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Rob Saunders | Trailer Resources Limited

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Trailer Resources Limited (TRL), one of the UK’s leading trailer contract hire and rental firms, renews contract with Bandvulc and our Conti360° Solutions

Established in 1993, TRL has seen sizeable growth during its near 30 years in business. Operating from a central head office in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, the company’s fleet comprises of nearly 2,500 trailers of varying size and functionality, with wagons based at 175 different sites across the UK and Europe. While TRL serves a broad range of sectors, their specialism in curtain side and double-deck trailers has seen the company become a preferred supplier for several pallet distribution companies. Maintenance and trailer MOTs can be undertaken at the company’s two-bay testing centre.

“As an ambitious, pan-European operator, we needed a tyre partner that could comfortably support our broad network, We’ve used several tyre suppliers in the past, but none could provide the level of service offered by Bandvulc and the Conti360° network. Due to the nature of our work as a rental firm, we wanted the Bandvulc team to be fully integrated into our customer service offering. We’ve made excellent progress over the past year and we’re impressed by Bandvulc’s commitment to strive to do more. We know that Bandvulc and the Conti360° network genuinely care about the business and that means we can trust them to deliver.”

Rob Saunders | Director of Operations at TRL | Trailer Resources Limited

TRL utilises a broad selection of Bandvulc tyres

Patersons Contract

As well as tyres, TRL benefits from the immense capability of our Conti360° Solutions programme.

The choice of tyres used on the TRL fleet depends greatly on the vehicles configuration and intended use. We currently supply Bandvulc B2K, BT3,  BTA and ZAs. We’re also able to offer TRL the flexibility in purchase and supply that they need. Currently, they order tyres in bulk annually, with rubber utilised as and when needed throughout the year.

For TRL, the combination of excellent service, a reliable and high performing product and a can-do attitude, has helped to solidify Bandvulc and Conti360° as its ongoing fleet tyre partner. 

Overall, we’re very happy with the product and the attentive support we receive from the team day in, day out, the partnership has allowed us to reach a new territory in Europe that we wouldn’t have been able to hit before, and we now have a strong level of cover everywhere. The strong rapport with our contacts and the consistent performance we receive is what a business like ours needs.    

Rob Saunders | Director of Operations at TRL | Trailer Resources Limited

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