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Trailer Resource Limited, UK

“As an ambitious, pan-European operator, we needed a tyre partner that could comfortably support our broad network, We’ve used several tyre suppliers in the past, but none could provide the level of service offered by Bandvulc and the Conti360° network. Due to the nature of our work as a rental firm, we wanted the Bandvulc team to be fully integrated into our customer service offering. We’ve made excellent progress over the past year and we’re impressed by Bandvulc’s commitment to strive to do more. We know that Bandvulc and the Conti360° network genuinely care about the business and that means we can trust them to deliver.”

Rob Saunders, Director of Operations at TRL. 

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Sieckendiek Germany

Kane Group, UK

“In the harsh, tough environments that our trucks are working in every day, it’s inevitable that the tyres are going to take a kicking. To meet the needs of our customers, we frequently drive off-road on tracks littered with sharp rocks with a heavy payload. This puts a huge strain on the performance of the tyre that, without careful management, can rapidly develop an issue. In the worst-case scenario, that could leave a vehicle stranded, a customer disappointed and require us to fit a costly replacement.” 

Transport Manager at Kane Group

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MC Rentals, UK

"What we are looking for in a tyre manufacturing company is service, we needed a supplier that could serve as an extension of our own customer service. The clients depend on us day in and day out, so fixing tyres quickly and efficiently is critical to us for maintaining strong, long lasting relationships. I'm pleased to say since we took the transition to Bandvulc and Continental, we've been really impressed with the results."

Fleet Maintenance Manager at MC Rentals

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Firmin Transport, UK

“We spend a long time regularly analysing the fleet and its needs. Today, we have a policy of fitting the latest Continental Hybrid series tyres across steer and drive axles on trucks, these are the HS3 and HD3 tyres, and the HT3 variant on all Firmin trailers.  These models deliver outstanding mileage performance and fuel efficiency in both wet and dry conditions. It means we can give Firmin maximum economical operation, mile after mile after mile."

Rob Rose, Commercial Sales Manager, Watling Tyres

Ashcourt Group

Ashcourt Group, UK

I knew Adams Tyres, the local Continental dealer, and as our fleet grew we looked at the options.  On their advice, we switched exclusively to Continental. They cost a little more than the budget/economy tyres,  as  you’d  expect,  but  they  are  much  better.  More  consistent  tread  wear  and  fewer  punctures means a longer service life and overall lower costs.”

“I am confident the move to Continental has saved us a good 20% in terms of tyre costs and associated downtime.” 

Ian Donkin, Transport Manager, The Ashcourt Group