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Hand resting on Continental truck tire sidewall.

150 Years

of Innovation, Passion and Safety

Celebrating 150 years of innovation, passion and safety


2021 is the year we celebrate our 150th anniversary. That’s a lot of tyres – and covers almost the entire history of tyre technology. For 150 years now, we’ve not only been passionate about tyres, we’ve also checked off plenty of technological milestones – always looking to change the world, one tyre at a time:

  • We invented the first sustainable tyre.
  • We developed the first road tyre approved for up to 223mph or 360 km/h.
  • We were the first German company to bring the cord tyre to market – to name just a few of our achievements.

On the truck tyre front:

  • We built the first fully integrated factory for retreading tyres and recycling rubber.
  • We created intelligent truck tyres with pre-mounted sensors.
  • We developed fleet monitoring data systems such as ContiConnect™ to offer you real-time status updates on tyre-related issues, such as breakdowns out on the road.

But what did fleet management and the road transportation sector look like in times gone by? It was not until the 1930s that long-distance road haulage took on greater importance.



Close-up of Continental truck tire in front of truck tires dealer shop.

Back in the day, trucks needed to be meticulously looked after if they were to carry their cargo safely to its destination. Drivers not only had to be capable mechanics; they also had to be masters of changing a tyre. In the normal course of events, trucks would tow a single-axle box trailer on which were stowed − among other things – the spare tyres in case of punctures. For anything more complicated, the vehicles would be towed away to the nearest workshop. Talk about a lengthy process!


Hand resting on Continental truck tire sidewall.

Nowadays, you don’t have to labour long and hard to change a tyre and as a fleet operator - you finally get some richly-deserved peace of mind. Through technology − digitalisation, smartphones, tyre sensors and the like − so much has been simplified.

Truck tyres with intelligent built-in sensors, as in ContiPressureCheckTM, real-time fleet management systems, such as ContiConnectTM Live, mean that tyre pressures and temperatures can be displayed for each vehicle. As a result, you can monitor in real time if one of your vehicles has a tyre related problem, without ever having to leave the office.

Preventive maintenance is key when it comes to vehicle safety and longevity, but also helps cut repair and maintenance costs, as well as downtimes. Data-driven tyre maintenance can also reduce emissions and makes for smooth, fuel-efficient driving, thereby further enhancing the sustainability of your fleets. While new technologies will in most cases prevent a flat tyre from occurring, when it does happen, help is promptly at hand in the shape of all-round tyre-services. One less thing to worry about! In the event of a breakdown, you and your drivers receive rapid assistance and are soon back on the road, heading for your destination.



Truck tires dealer on the laptop in dealer warehouse.

For more than 30 years, we have led the field in tyre breakdown services. Speaking of which, here’s a short breakdown of our key numbers:

  • 6,500+ service partners
  • 85,000 manual fleet checks
  • 2.5h average drive-on time Europe-wide
  • 300+ call-centre employees for customised service and advice
  • 300,000+ call-outs performed so far


Fleet manager in front of fleet yard.

Here’s to the next century-and-a-half of German quality, confidence and safety. Effective fleet tracking will be one of the keys to a successful future of shared mobility. Our mission is to do all we can to identify efficient ways of making life easier for you. 150 may sound like just another number. But for us it stands for a long, hard road, paved with passion and dedication – an immense number of hours invested in reaching the highest safety standards and creating benchmark innovations.

Looking to the future, whatever advances in truck technology there may be, the tyres will be responsible for transferring them to the road. True to our proud heritage of innovation, our technologies, systems and service solutions will continue to make mobility and transportation safer, more digitalised and customised, more convenient, and ultimately more sustainable.

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