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A sensation: The e-truck range revolution!

We have set a milestone in the sustainable logistics industry. Futuricum, DPD Switzerland and Continental were able to have an official Guinness World Record certified: Greatest distance by an electric rigid truck, on a single charge!

Uncovered truck

 Ready for Record. The DPD Futuricum e-truck with our tyres. A strong team!



  • The engine: Four electric motors provide a powerful drive with a total output of 680 hp.
  • The battery: The record-breaking truck has four batteries with a total capacity of 680 kilowatt hours. This is Europe's largest truck battery.
  • The tyres: Continental EfficientPro, which are designed for particularly low rolling resistance. The tyres were developed for long-distance transports, where range is a priority.
  • Setup: 682 miles (1,099 km) at average speed of 30mph (50 km/h), average consumption of 58 kWh / 100 km, with empty swap body.

First test tyres made from dandelion rubber


We have reached an important milestone in our research project for the industrialisation of dandelion rubber in tyre production. During the International Motor Show (IAA) Commercial Vehicles in Hanover, we presented the first test tyres made from the innovative material that the we are calling Taraxagum, derived from the botanical name for dandelion (taraxacum). The natural rubber in the treads of the test tyres was completely replaced with Taraxagum. This important step takes us even closer to reaching our goal of making tyre production more sustainable and less dependent from traditional raw materials.


Truck tyres are potentially a massive market for the new material: truck tyres weigh 70 to 80 kilos, of which 30 to 40 percent is natural rubber, a much higher figure than for car tyres. For reasons of economy and safety, tyres must be made from a combination of different raw materials – but with maximum sustainability and dandelions will really help with this.


The many lives of our truck tyres.

Our ContiLifeCycle™ starts with a new tyre and continues with our premium retreading solutions and ContiCasingManagement™.

Our ContiLifeCycle™ prolongs the life of your tyres, thereby significantly lowering your tyre costs.

When you purchase a retreaded tyre, you not only lighten your tyre budget but also help to protect the environment as reusing the casing saves energy and raw materials. Multiple use of the casing also reduces the number of old tyres in circulation.

Discover more about ContiLifeCycle™

The Hurricane Machine


We have developed an approach to recycle rubberised steel cord scrap that arises in its tyre production. With the “Hurricane Machine” it is possible to separate uncured rubber compound and steel cord. The development of this process marks yet another step in our pursuit of making tyre production more sustainable.


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