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Digital Solution

ContiPressureCheck™ Benefits


Data Accuracy

ContiPressureCheck™ uses sensors inside the tyre which provides you with real-time information and guarantees greater data accuracy than comparable systems. Measurement errors and influences of outside conditions are avoided.


Improved productivity

ContiPressureCheck™ reduces the risks of standstill and the probability of breakdowns. This will simplify your vehicle handling and optimise your fleet management.


Cost Efficiency

ContiPressureCheck™ will save you fuel costs, enhances your tyre lifetime and therefore reduces replacement costs.



ContiPressureCheck™ covers almost all combinations of fitment and can be mounted on different types of vehicles to a maximum of 24 tyres – regardless of the vehicle size.



By having an automated tyre pressure monitoring system, manual on-site checks are no longer required. Furthermore the risk of accident happening is minimised due to the reduction in breakdowns.



ContiPressureCheck™ system helps you avoid tyre related breakdowns, reducing downtime, increasing vehicle uptime and therefore increasing productivity.



Running the correct inflation pressure lowers fuel consumption, reduces tyre wear and CO2 emissions and as such protects the environment.



Continuously monitor inflation pressure and temperature prevents from inflation pressure decrease.

Save tyre's lifetime

Lower pressure causes lower lifetime.

  • In the example you see the effects on a tyre when operating at under inflation.
  • Based on a 18.00-33 dimension a reduction of service life of 8% would be the result when running the tyre at 10% below recommended tyre pressure.
  • Costs of under inflation = Tyre Price x 8%.
  • This indicates that only 92% of the design life is used.
  • Consequently, you will have much higher expenses for tyres, not including fitment and service costs.
ContiPressureCheck™ - Underinflation

This is where the ContiPressureCheck™ system can provide an effective solution. A constant check on all the tyres – also while driving, it is Continental's Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).