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VF TractorMaster Hybrid

Intelligent tyre designed for roads, hard and soft soils

The VF TractorMaster Hybrid was developed to help especially in agriculture contracting work. It offers high comfort and mileage on roads and ideal traction on hard and soft soils and does minimum damage on grassland applications.

The integrated tyre sensor informs you constantly about the pressure and temperature and ensures the maximum tyrelife with the right pressure.

  • Ideal traction and comfort on road, hard and soft soil
  • Higher milage than Standard and Advanced series tyres due to larger lug surface especially on road applications
  • Suitable for grassland applications
  • Pressure sensor to ensure correct pressure
  • VF Technology for about 40 percent more load at the same inflation pressure than standard tyres or 40 percent less inflation pressure for the same load than standard tyres
Continental VF TractorMaster Hybrid 710/70R42
Continental Agricultural Tyres - Movie

Continental Agricultural Tyres - Movie

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