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Quick Facts

The Tractor85 is a tyre for all seasons and all surfaces. It’s a true all-rounder: narrow enough to fit neatly into a furrow, but wide enough to fill the role of a versatile, heavy-duty farm tyre. Thanks to the special N.flex technology, the Tractor85 is durable and robust. Its nylon carcass makes the tyre extremely flexible, able to absorb more impacts than other tyres and less susceptible to flat spots – for a comfortable ride over fields and tarmac.

Continental Agricultural Tires - Movie

Continental Agricultural Tires - Movie


Technical details

  • Flexibility of nylon carcass ensures better damping in all applications
  • Low-shrinkage nylon reduces flat spots for a more comfortable ride
N.flex Technology

Almost perfect roundness of our tyres. Standard tyres in this segment are baked in an mold consisting up to 36 pieces, Continental is using a two piece mold to ensure the tyres roundness and therefore your comfort. 

Tractor85 - 2 piece mold

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