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“Feel where traction goes hand in hand with comfort.”


Hexa bead maximises traction and ensures a comfortable ride

Quick Facts

Every part of these tyres is crafted for quality and reliability due to the combination of our innovative N.flex, d.fine and bead technologies.

  • Traction due to bead technology
  • Low vibrations and high comfort due to N.flex technology
  • Durability and stress resistance due to d.fine lug technology

Continental Agricultural Tyres - Movie


Technical details

  • Strength due to high torque from rim to tyre 
  • The hexa bead was developed for harvester front tyres because a regular bead would be too massive for tyres this size
CombineMaster - 2 piece mold
  • Low vibrations and high comfort due to N.flex nylon carcass
  • Flexibility through low shrinkage of nylon material
N.flex Technology
  • Durability and stress resistance, due to d.fine lug technology with a smooth linkage between block and base
N.flex Technology

Product range

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