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Milestones Material Handling OTR Tyres


Joint venture with Sime Tire
PJ Plant
PJ Plant

Joint venture with Sime Tire in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia and start of production for V.ply OTR tyres production.

100% ownership of Petaling Jaya

We take 100% ownership of production plant in Petaling Jaya (PJ), Malaysia 

Launch of ContiTerminal
Continental - Agriculture History
Continental - Agriculture History

Launch of ContiTerminal product portfolio with its new V.ply technology for OTR bias tyres in terminals and ports. The portfolio includes ContainerMaster, StraddleMaster, CraneMaster and DockMaster.

Integration of ContiPressureCheck™

Beginning of the integration of ContiPressureCheck™ as part of our Digital Solutions offer.

Introduction of TeleMaster

Development and introduction of our first solid OTR tyre for telehandlers in cooperation with JLG - TeleMaster

Introduction of Port Plus compound

Introduction of our Port Plus compound,  designed to reduce abrasion and heat build-up in the tyre and thus increase the tyre's service life. From now on these products are marked with a “+” in the names, e.g. ContainerMaster+.

Launch of our intelligent Port Radial OTR tyres

Launch of intelligent Port Radial OTR tyre portfolio ranging from ContainerMaster Radial, StraddleMaster Radial and ContiRT20 with the production in Lousado, Portugal.
In addition, ContiConnect is available for the complete Continental Port Tyre range.

Cross-ply production hub

Petaling Jaya (PJ) plant in Malaysia becomes our OTR cross-ply tyres production hub

Renaming of StraddleMaster+
Continental TerminalMaster V.ply 16.00-25
Continental TerminalMaster V.ply 16.00-25

Renaming and repositioning of former StraddleMaster+ to our new TerminalMaster V.ply.