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Continental - Industrial Pneumatics

Continental - Industrial Pneumatics

Milestones Industrial Pneumatic Tyres


Industrial Cross-ply Pneumatic tyre production

Industrial Cross-ply Pneumatic tyre production (IC10, IC 12, IC30, IC 36, IC40) for Continental started in Hanover-Vahrenwald, Germany.

The product names follow this structure: The „I“ stands for Industrial and the „C“ means a treaded tyre („contour“). 

Introduction of Industrial Radial Pneumatic Tyres

Start of industrial radial pneumatic tyre production with IC70 and IC80 in Hanover-Stöcken, Germany. 

Production transfer within Hanover

Production transfer of IC10, IC12, IC30, IC35, IC36, IC40 within Hanover from Vahrenwald to Stöcken  

Production transfer of Ind. Cross-ply Tyres

Production transfer of Industrial X-ply tyres to Eastern Europe 

Introduction of ConRad

Introduction of ConRad with three large profile ribs, the successor of IC70.

Introduction of ContiRad HT
ConRad HT1
ConRad HT1

Launch of ContiRad HT and ContiRad HT Clean for dual spacing twin wheels (HT = Half Track) produced in Hanover-Stöcken

Industrial Radial Pneumatic tyre production commences

Start of Industrial Radial Pneumatic tyre production in Otrokovice, CZ (transfer from Hanover-Stöcken).

End of IC80 production
Continental IC80
Continental IC80

Discontinuation of product line IC80

Introduction of TSR

Introduction of TSR (Tubeless Sealing Ring) for Industrial Pneumatic Tyres

Introduction of ContiRV20 and ContiRT20

Launch of ContiRT20 as successor for ConRad HT and ContiRV20 in Traction and Velocity version as replacement for ConRad 

Introduction of TractorMaster

Launch of TractorMaster tyre for terminal tractor vehicles in ports and airports, which is produced in Puchov, Slovakia 

Airport - Portfolio compilation
VF TractorMaster Hybrid with Tyre Sensor
VF TractorMaster Hybrid with Tyre Sensor

Compiling of product portfolio for the ground support and handling in airports as a mixture of solid and pneumatic tyres.   

1 million Industrial Pneumatic tyres from Otrokovice

Production anniversary in Otrokovice, CZ with 1 million Industrial Pneumatic Tyres produced

Production transfer of TerminalMaster

Production transfer of TerminalMaster (renamed from TractorMaster) to Otrokovice, CZ and serial production of TerminalMaster tyres with Tyre sensors ex factory

Production Record for Otrokovice

Record production year for industrial pneumatic tyres in Otrokovice, CZ