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The History of Material Handling Tyres

History of Material Handling Tyres

History of Material Handling Tyres

In order to offer our customers the best solutions for all their individual needs from a single source, we are constantly developing our product range. This is done in the Material Handling segment in the three subcategories solid, industrial pneumatic and OTR Tyres. There is a milestone plan for each of these segments below. Enjoy browsing through the great advances in material handling!

Continental - Solids History

History of Solid Tyres

The 100-year history of solid tyres begins with the production of our first super elastic tyre and the subsequent acquisition of our plant in Korbach, Germany. With the introduction of super elastic (SE) tyres for pneumatic rims, which we collectively refer to using the term ContiSuperElastic (CSE), an abbreviation known throughout the industry and with it a synonym for solid rubber tyres was born. Further developments and new inventions, such as Snap-in-Tyre (SIT) technology, have shaped the successful path of solid tyres to this day.

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Continental - Industrial Pneumatics

History of Industrial Pneumatic Tyres

The history of our pneumatic tyres for bicycles begins as early as 1892 at our main plant in Hanover-Vahrenwald, Germany. On the other hand, pneumatic tyres for industrial use were first produced at the same location in the 1970s. Since then, a wide variety of our product lines have been designed and produced to meet all individual needs. In 2005 the introduction of the Tubeless Sealing Ring (TSR) helped the segment gain recognition and respect.

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Continental - Agriculture History

History of Material Handling OTR Tyres

The still relatively short history of our OTR tyres has its origins in Malaysia in 2003 with a shared use of a plant in Pataling Jaya. Since then, the introduction of constantly new developments, such as our V.ply technology and ContiPressureCheckā„¢, has ensured that our material handling OTR tyres are always at the cutting edge of quality and technology.

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