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Tyre Solutions for Airports


Tyre Solutions for Ground Handling

Continental is the only supplier to offer a complete range of tyres required for the airport industry. Whether industrial, passenger, truck or multi-purpose tyres, Continental are the best solution for airport operators concerned about their costs.

The optimal answer for every requirement at zero altitude: Continental offers an extensive suite of tyres required for airport ground support operations.

Continental's engineering features allow for reduced operating costs, through technologies such as lowered rolling resistance, minimisation of creating foreign objects, ease of maintenance, durable tread compounds and tyre constructions and much more.

Why try to use the same tyre for every airport application, when you can find a product for any airport need from Continental?

Find out more: Airport Poster English (6.23MB)

ContiRV20 and ContiRT20

The ContiRV20  and ContiRT20 are specifically designed for use on ground support equipment at the airports, especially tow tractors. The Ribbed design minimises vibration, uneven wear and gives maximum ride comfort and mileage. With its innovative tread compound technology the ContiRV20 ensures low rolling resistance, which reduces fuel consumption and vehicle CO2 output. The robust construction minimises sidewall and foreign object damage (available as tubeless using TSR technology to reduce run flats).

SC20 Mileage+ & SH12

Due to the natural rubber compound the Continental SC20 Mileage+ and SH12 offer exceptionally low rolling resistance and low heat build up. This results in extended tyre life and a reduced cost per hour (increased hours between tyre changes and lower fuel consumption). The soft ride offered from the 3-stage construction of the tyre, also provides greater protection for the machine, loads carried and operating surface.

Container Master

The ContainerMasters tread pattern has been specially developed for Heavy Duty Forklifts and Reach Stackers. The wide, flat profile and dense tread rubber offers excellent durability and longer lifetime in abrasive conditions.