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Lower pressure causes lower lifetime.

  • In the example you see the effects on a tyre when operating at under inflation.
  • Based on a 18.00-33 dimension a reduction of service life of 8 % would be the result when running the tyre at 10 % below recommended tyre pressure.
  • Costs of under inflation = Tyre Price x 8 %.
  • This indicates that only 92 % of the design life is used.
  • Consequently, you will have much higher expenses for tyres, not including the fitment and service costs.

This is where the new ContiPressureCheck™ system can provide an effective solution. A constant check on all the tyres – also while driving.

Product & Components

ContiPressureCheck™ is a direct measurement system fitted directly inside the tyre. If the inflation pressure decreases, the tyre might be subject to greater strain as it rolls, causing it to heat up, which can damage the tyre or even lead to a blowout. ContiPressureCheck uses a sensor inside the tyre to continuously monitor the inflation pressure and tyre temperature to prevent this from happening.

ContiPressureCheck™ immediately detects any changes in inflation pressure or temperature. The sensor inside the tyre sends the data wirelessly to the central receiver (central control unit – CCU), which processes the data, saves warnings and sends them directly to the display in the driver’s cab. As a result, the driver can immediately take corrective action and avoid a breakdown before it happens.

The technology is in the detail: The ContiPressureCheck™ sensor

ContiPressureCheck™ integrates sensors and a communication and processing system into a single module that is contained inside a rubber container and glued to the inner surface of the tyre. The advantage of this system over sensors placed outside the tyre is that it avoids measurement errors due heat radiation of the brakes.

ContiPressureCheck™ is quick, easy to install and it is robust and reliable. It is an inexpensive solution to automatically measure tyre inflation pressure and it pays for itself the first time it prevents a tyre breakdown. And that is without even taking into account any follow-on costs such as late fines, damage to public image or loss of sales or profits. So, the worst that can happen is not to have ContiPressureCheck™ on board.

Sensor in Container
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  • Integrated tyre sensor with radio frequency transmitter – individual coding per running wheel.
Receiver / Central Control Unit (CCU)
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  • Receives and evaluates signals from tyre sensors
  • Generates warnings and provides them for display - Up to 24 tyres fitted on up to 6 axles
Addtional Receiver
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  • Integrated antenna and receiver to be used if:
  • vehicle has an axle spread of more than 6m
  • vehicle has more than 3 axles
  • a trailer is docked
Hand-held Tool
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  • Initial configuration of entire system
  • Wireless communication with tyre sensors
  • Synchronizes tyre sensors to each wheel position
  • Wired communication with CCU

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Display in the driver‘s cockpit
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  • Display shows the status of the tyre and indicates 7 different types of warnings and the related tyre position in the driver’s cabin

Tailored applications

ContiPressureCheck™ is highly compatible and versatile.

  • Possible to retrofit on many vehicle types
  • Wireless radio technology* permits use in virtually all vehicle sizes and trailers
  • Works with pneumatic tyres from all tyre manufacturers from 1.8 bar to 11.9 bar tyre inflation pressure

Your Benefits

Data Accuracy

ContiPressureCheck™ uses sensors inside the tyre which provides drivers with real-time information and guarantees greater data accuracy than comparable systems. Measurement errors and influences of outside conditions are avoided.

Improved productivity

ContiPressureCheck™ reduces the risks of standstill and the probability of breakdowns. This will simplify your vehicle handling and optimises your fleet management.

Cost Efficiency

ContiPressureCheck™ will save fuel costs, enhances the tyre lifetime and therefore reduces replacement costs.


ContiPressureCheck™ covers almost all combinations of fitment and can be mounted on different types of vehicles to a maximum of 24 tyres – regardless of the vehicle size.


By having an automated tyre pressure monitoring system persons to measure on site manually are no longer required. Furthermore the risks of accidents happening are minimised due to the reduction of breakdowns.


ContiPressureCheck™ system helps avoid tyre related breakdowns which reduces downtime, increases vehicle availability and therefore increases productivity.


Running the correct inflation pressure lowers fuel consumption, reduces tyre wear and CO2 emissions and as such protects the environment.


Continuously monitor inflation pressure and temperature, preventing inflation pressure decrease.