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Underground Mining - ContiMine™

Our UndergroundMasterDrillMasterDumperMaster, and ScoopMaster, were specifically designed for the extreme conditions our customers are facing  in the underground mining sector,” said Christian Luther, Product Line Manager Earthmover tyres at Continental.

With the introduction mining tyres, our commercial specialty tyres team has followed the customised solution approach. This means, each of our tyre lines was developed for an individual vehicle type and therefore takes into consideration the requirements of each machine. That’s why we choose different tyre construction types to address the specific demands of the applications. Some products come with our proven V.ply design with high carcass strength and robustness, while our other tyres offer a full steel radial construction that delivers outstanding load capability, even on longer transport distances in underground mines.


Continental UndergroundMaster for Shuttle Cars and Face Haulers

Our Continental UndergroundMaster is designed for vehicles used in room-and-pillar applications, such as shuttle cars, scoops and face haulers for extracting and transporting minerals. These vehicles are mainly used in soft rock applications where loose underfoot conditions require tyres with outstanding traction and durability. Our unique V.ply technology offers extremely high carcass strength. The reverse outer block direction of the tyre pattern improves lateral stability and driving accuracy, ensuring safe cornering even on loose soil.


Continental DrillMaster for Drill Rigs, Scalers and Bolters

With its V.ply construction, our Continental DrillMaster is ideal for drill rigs, scalers, bolters and other service vehicles demanding a highly cut-resistant carcass to protect the tyre from freshly blasted rocks. High cut resistance, good traction, and stability are essential for tyres used in such applications. The tyre carcass of our DrillMaster is designed to stand heavy loads, while the zigzag tread design offers a maximum amount of gripping edges in all directions to manage steep inclines and tight cornering safely.


Continental DumperMaster for Mining Trucks

Our Continental DumperMaster is designed for mine trucks, which are mainly used for transporting ore to a conveyor belt or directly to the surface of underground mines. The all-steel radial carcass equates to a low heat build-up. The up to four star rating carcass design allows extremely high load-carrying capacity that increases efficiency in material hauling. The tread pattern ensures high self-cleaning ability and good traction in muddy and loose ground conditions.


Continental ScoopMaster for Loaders and Scoops
Our ScoopMaster was developed for loaders and scoops operating in the extremely harsh underground mining environment. Premium quality tread and sidewall rubber compounds provide maximum resistance to rock cutting, penetrations, and tearing. Our special V.ply construction, in combination with the carcass rubber compound, provides high carcass strength, excellent flex fatigue, and sidewall damage resistance. The extra deep L5S tread design offers additional carcass protection and high wear volume for good mileage performance.