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ContiEarth™ - Intelligent Tyre



ContiEarth™ - Intelligent Tyre

ContiEarth™ - Construction

Continental Commercial Specialty tyres follows the customised solution approach with the introduction of the new ContiEarth™ range. This means, every tyre line was developed for an individual vehicle type and therefore takes into consideration the requirements of each machine.

ContiMine™ - Underground Mining

Initially, the ContiMine™ range comprises 28 tyres, which will be launched throughout 2017. In the meantime, additional customer requirements will be evaluated which may lead to a further portfolio extension.

The tyres were specifically designed for the extreme conditions our customers are facing in the earthmoving sector.

Christian Luther, Product Line Manager Earthmover tyres at Continental
Intelligent tyre

Take a step into the future of tyre management with the
ContiEarth™intelligent tyres, saving the need for extensive
manual checks and optimising the life of your tyres.