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Continental Receives OE Approval for Agricultural Tyres

John Deere

Effective immediately, the John Deere 6MC, 6RC, 6M and 6R mid-sized tractors product lines with will be supplied with Continental Tractor70 and Tractor85 tyres which are now available in 30 different sizes. 

John Deere, the American world market leader, has approved 30 different sizes of Continental agricultural tyres to be fitted to its 6MC, 6RC and 6M mid-sized tractors.

This decision follows a comprehensive audit of the Continental plant in the Portuguese town of Lousado, where the tyres are manufactured. The partnership agreement between the two machinery and technology giants reinforces Continental’s recent re-entry into the agricultural sector.

James Parrott, brand manager for Continental says: “This partnership firmly positions Continental in the agriculture sector and demonstrates that the research and development we have carried out at our production plant in Lousado has attracted the interest and support of one of agriculture’s most influential brands.”

John Deere is the first agricultural OEM to audit Continental’s agricultural tyre production plant in Lousado. As part of two audits, the John Deere team spent several days conducting extensive and detailed tests in the summer of 2018. The audits included special consideration for quality management, delivery processes, risk management and order processing. The auditors certified Continental with excellent results which paved the way for the partnership.

The new Continental Tractor70 and Tractor85 radial tyres have been designed and manufactured to offer ride comfort, soil preservation and tractive force. They feature an innovative bead design and N.flex technology.

The nylon material for the carcass is more pliable and at the same time more dimensionally stable than other materials. The tyres are designed to increase tractor performance and improve fuel efficiency. Even with high tractive forces, the 6MC, 6RC, 6M and 6R product lines from John Deere when fitted with Continental tyres provide minimal slip and flatter tracks which reduces the impact of the tractor on the soil. 

A single wire core, and a shortened bead apex, means Continental tyres can be fitted more quickly and easily. The bead design also means the tyres can run at a lower pressure which helps to reduce soil compaction.

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